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3 Days in Quiberon (3 Tage in Quiberon)

Emily Atef  |  Germany, Austria, France
Art/Film, Biopic, Drama

An Acceptable Loss

Joe Chappelle  |   United States
Action, Political, Thriller


Milko Lazarov  |  Bulgaria, Germany, France
Drama, Environment, Generations
World Cinema

Alberto García-Alix. The Shadow Line

Nicolás Combarro  |  Spain
Art/Film, Documentary

Alice T

Radu Muntean  |  Romania, France, Sweden
Coming of Age, Women's Experiences

American Dharma

Errol Morris  |  United States, United Kingdom
Documentary, Political


Armando Bo  |  Argentina, Spain
Crime, Drama

As I Lay Dying (Hamchenan ke mimordam)

Mostafa Sayari  |   Iran
Drama, House Divided

Ash Is Purest White (Jiang hu er nv)

Jia Zhangke  |  China, France
Crime, Drama

At Eternity’s Gate

Julian Schnabel  |  United Kingdom, France, United States
Art/Film, Drama, Historical

At War (En guerre)

Stéphane Brizé  |   France
Drama, Political

The Band Wagon

Vincente Minnelli  |   United States
Comedy, Music


Martín Allais, Nico Casavecchia  |  United States, France
Immersive Cinema

Beautiful Boy

Felix Van Groeningen  |   United States

Becoming Astrid (Unga Astrid)

Pernille Fischer Christensen  |  Sweden, Germany, Denmark
Biopic, Coming of Age, Women's Experiences

Before the Frost (Før frosten)

Michael Noer  |   Denmark
Drama, Historical

The Belly of the Whale

Morgan Bushe  |   Ireland
Crime, Drama

Ben Is Back

Peter Hedges  |   United States
Black Sheep, Drama, Thriller

Birds of Passage (Pájaros de verano)

Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra  |  Colombia, Mexico, Denmark, France
Crime, Drama

Border (Gräns)

Ali Abbasi  |  Sweden, Denmark
Drama, Horror, Thriller

Boy Erased

Joel Edgerton  |   United States
Coming of Age, LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality

Boys Cry (La terra dell'abbastanza)

Damiano D'Innocenzo, Fabio D'Innocenzo  |   Italy
Coming of Age, Crime

Buy Me a Gun (Cómprame un revólver)

Julio Hernández Cordón  |  Mexico, Colombia
Crime, Drama

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Marielle Heller  |   United States
Biopic, Crime, LGBTQ

The City That Sold America

Ky Dickens  |   United States
Documentary, Historical

Claire Darling (Le dernier vide-grenier de Claire Darling)

Julie Bertuccelli  |   France
Black Sheep, Drama, Generations

Clean Up

Kwon Man-Ki  |   South Korea
Crime, Drama
World Cinema

Cold War (Zimna wojna)

Pawel Pawlikowski  |  Poland, France, United Kingdom
Drama, Historical, Romance

Core of the World

Natalia Meshchaninova  |  Russia,Lithuania
Black Sheep, Drama
Couch Potatoes still

Couch Potatoes (Gli sdraiati)

Francesca Archibugi  |   Italy
Comedy, Coming of Age

Daughter of Mine (Figlia Mia)

Laura Bispuri  |  Italy
Drama, Women's Experiences

Dear Son (Weldi)

Mohamed Ben Attia  |  Tunisia, Belgium, France, Qatar
Drama, House Divided, Religion


Kent Jones  |   United States
Drama, Religion, Women's Experiences


Edward Robles  |   United States
Immersive Cinema


Matteo Garrone  |  Italy, France
Crime, Thriller

The Dread (El espanto)

Pablo Aparo, Martin Benchimol  |   Argentina
Documentary, Religion


Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke  |  Germany, Egypt, Qatar
Documentary, Political

Duelles (Mother’s Instinct)

Olivier Masset-Depasse  |  Belgium, France
Drama, Thriller, Women's Experiences

Dukla 61

David Ondříček  |   Czech Republic
Drama, Historical
World Cinema

Echo (Hed)

Amikam Kovner, Assaf Snir  |   Israel
Drama, Jewish Interest

El Angel

Luis Ortega  |  Argentina, Spain
Crime, Historical

Entrepreneur (Yrittãjã)

Virpi Suutari  |   Finland
Documentary, Women's Experiences

The Etruscan Smile

Oded Binnun | Mihal Brezis  |  United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland
Drama, Generations

Everybody Knows (Todos lo Saben)

Asghar Farhadi  |  Spain, France, Italy
Drama, House Divided

Ex-Shaman (Ex-Pajé)

Luiz Bolognesi  |   Brazil
Documentary, Religion

The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia (El viaje extraordinario de Celeste García)

Arturo Infante  |  Cuba, Germany
Comedy, Political, Sci-Fi

Facing the Wind (Con el viento)

Meritxell Colell Aparicio  |  Spain, Argentina, France
Dance, Drama

Family First (Chien de garde)

Sophie Dupuis  |   Canada
Crime, House Divided

Father the Flame

Chad Terpstra  |   United States
Art/Film, Documentary

The Favourite

Yorgos Lanthimos  |  Ireland, United Kingdom, United States
Comedy, Historical

The Feeling of Being Watched

Assia Boundaoui  |  United States
Documentary, Political

The Fireflies are Gone (La Disparacion des lucioles)

Sébastien Pilote  |   Canada
Coming of Age, Drama
World Cinema

Flammable Children

Stephan Elliott  |   Australia
Comedy, Coming of Age, Women's Experiences

Florianópolis Dream (Sueño Florianópolis)

Ana Katz  |  Argentina, Brazil
Comedy, Women's Experiences

Foam at the Mouth (Ar putām uz lūpām)

Jānis Nords  |  Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
Drama, Thriller
World Cinema

Friedkin Uncut

Francesco Zippel  |   Italy
Art/Film, Documentary

The Front Runner

Jason Reitman  |   United States
Drama, Historical, Political

Funny Cow

Adrian Shergold  |   United Kingdom
Biopic, Comedy, Women's Experiences

The Good Girls (Las niñas bien)

Alejandra Márquez Abella  |   Mexico
Drama, Women's Experiences

The Great Buster

Peter Bogdanovich  |   United States
Comedy, Documentary, Historical

The Great C

Steve Miller  |   Canada
Immersive Cinema

Green Book

Peter Farrelly  |   United States
Drama, Historical, Political

The Guest (L’Ospite)

Duccio Chiarini  |   Italy
Comedy, Romance

Guie’dani’s Navel (Xquipi’ Guie’dani)

Xavi Sala  |   Mexico
Coming of Age, Drama


Vishal Bhardwaj  |   India
Drama, Literary Adaptation

Happy as Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice)

Alice Rohrwacher  |  Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany
Coming of Age, Drama

Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta)

Filipe Matzembacher, Marcio Reolon  |   Brazil
Coming of Age, Explicit Content, LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality

The Hate U Give

George Tillman Jr.  |   United States
Coming of Age, Literary Adaptation, Political

In Search of Greatness

Gabe Polsky  |   United States
Documentary, Sports

In the Aisles (In den Gängen)

Thomas Stuber  |   Germany
Comedy, Drama, Romance
World Cinema


Sudabeh Mortezai  |   Austria
Drama, Political, Women's Experiences

Jumpman (Podbrosy)

Ivan I. Tverdovsky  |  Russia, Ireland, Lithuania, France
Crime, Drama

Little Tickles (Les chatouilles)

Andréa Bescond, Eric Métayer  |   France
Coming of Age, Dance, Women's Experiences
Little Woods still

Little Woods

Nia DaCosta  |   United States
Crime, Thriller, Women's Experiences

Liverleaf (Misumisô)

Eisuke Naitô  |   Japan
Action, Horror
After Dark

Maria by Callas

Tom Volf  |   France
Documentary, Music, Women's Experiences


Marcel Gisler  |   Switzerland
LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality, Sports

The Mercy of the Jungle

Joël Karekezi  |  Belgium, France, Rwanda
Action, Political, Thriller

Miriam Lies (Miriam Miente)

Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada  |  Dominican Republic, Spain
Coming of Age, Drama

Mr. Soul!

Melissa Haizlip  |   United States
Art/Film, Documentary, Music

Mug (Twarz)

Malgorzata Szumowska  |   Poland

My Home, in Libya

Martina Melilli  |   Italy
Documentary, Political, Women's Experiences

Naples in Veils (Napoli velata)

Ferzan Ozpetek  |   Italy
Crime, Romance

Neurotic Quest for Serenity (TOC: Transtornada Obsessiva Compulsiva)

Paulinho Caruso, Teodoro Poppovic  |   Brazil
Action, Comedy

Non-Fiction (Doubles Vies)

Olivier Assayas  |   France
Art/Film, Drama
Olympia still


Gregory Dixon  |   United States
Romance, Women's Experiences

The Other Side of the Wind

Orson Welles  |   United States
Art/Film, Drama

The Other Story (Sipur acher)

Avi Nesher  |   Israel
Generations, Jewish Interest, Religion


Julius Avery  |   United States
Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
After Dark


Mike Leigh  |   United Kingdom
Drama, Historical


Nicolas Pesce  |   United States
Sex and Sexuality, Thriller
After Dark

The Power and the Glory

William K. Howard  |   United States
Drama, Historical


Wanuri Kahiu  |  Kenya
LGBTQ, Romance, Women's Experiences

The Raft (Flotten)

Marcus Lindeen  |  Sweden, Denmark, United States, Germany
Documentary, Historical, Sex and Sexuality


Alvaro Delgado Aparicio  |  Peru, Germany, Norway
Drama, Generations, LGBTQ

A Private War

Matthew Heineman  |   United States
Biopic, Political, Women's Experiences

The Road Not Taken

Tang Gaopeng  |   China
Comedy, Road Movie


Alfonso Cuarón  |  Mexico, United States
Drama, Generations, Historical

Ruben Brandt, Collector (Ruben Brandt, a gyüjtö)

Milorad Krstić  |   Hungary
Animation, Art/Film, Crime
World Cinema


Camille Vidal-Naquet  |   France
Explicit Content, LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality

Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland

Kate Davis, David Heilbroner  |   United States
Documentary, Political, Women's Experiences

Shoplifters (Manbiki Kazoku)

Hirokazu Kore-eda  |   Japan
Drama, Generations

Shorts Program 2: Outside the Lines (Animation)

Various  |   Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, United States

Shorts Program 3: Bad Don’t Sleep (After Dark)

Various  |   Canada, France, Greece, United States
After DarkShorts

Shorts Program 4: In Real Life (Documentaries)

Various  |   Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States

Shorts Program 5: Searchers (Drama)

Various  |   Canada, China, Greece, Portugal, Singapore, The Netherlands

Shorts Program 6: Laughing Matters (Comedy)

Various  |   Australia, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Korea

Shorts Program 7: Beyond a Boundary (Black Perspectives)

Various  |   Belgium, United Kingdom, United States

Shorts Program 8: Meditations (Experimental)

Various  |   Belgium, France, Thailand, United States


Çağla Zencirci and Guillaume Giovanetti  |  France, Germany, Luxembourg, Turkey
Drama, Women's Experiences


Meryem Benm’Barek  |  Morocco
Drama, Sex and Sexuality, Women's Experiences

Sorry Angel (Plaire, aimer et courir vite)

Christophe Honoré  |   France
Historical, LGBTQ, Romance

Spheres: Pale Blue Dot

Eliza McNitt  |   France, United States
Immersive Cinema


Nebojša Slijepčević  |   Croatia
Documentary, Historical, Political

The Stolen Caravaggio (Una Storia Senza Nome)

Roberto Andó  |   Italy
Art/Film, Comedy, Thriller


Wolfgang Fischer  |  Germany, Austria
Action, Drama, Political
World Cinema

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

Morgan Neville  |   United States
Art/Film, Documentary

The Third Wife (Phuong Anh Nguyen)

Ash Mayfair  |   Vietnam
Drama, LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality

This Changes Everything

Tom Donahue  |  United States
Art/Film, Documentary, Women's Experiences

This Magnificent Cake! (Ce magnifique gâteau!)

Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels  |  Belgium, France, Netherlands
Animation, Historical

Too Late to Die Young (Tarde para morir joven)

Dominga Sotomayor Castillo  |  Chile, Brazil, Argentina, The Netherlands, Qatar
Coming of Age, Drama


Christian Petzold  |  Germany, France
Drama, Political, Thriller
The Trouble With You still

The Trouble with You (En liberté!)

Pierre Salvadori  |   France
Action, Comedy, Crime

United Skates

Dyana Winkler, Tina Brown  |   United States
Documentary, Political, Sports


Aaron Bradbury  |  United States, France
Immersive Cinema

Volcano (Vulkan)

Roman Bondarchuk  |  Ukraine, Germany
Drama, Thriller

Vox Lux

Brady Corbet  |   United States
Drama, Music, Women's Experiences


Charles Ferguson  |   United States
Crime, Documentary, Political

What They Had

Elizabeth Chomko  |   United States
Drama, Generations


Steve McQueen  |   United States
Action, Crime, Women's Experiences


Paul Dano  |   United States
Drama, Women's Experiences

Wolkenbruch’s Wondrous Journey into the Arms of a Shiksa (Wolkenbruch’s wunderliche Reise in die Arme einer Schickse)

Michael Steiner  |   Switzerland
Comedy, Jewish Interest, Religion

Woman at War (Kona fer í stríð)

Benedikt Erlingsson  |  Iceland, France, Ukraine
Comedy, Environment, Women's Experiences
World Cinema

Working Woman (Isha Ovedet)

Michal Aviad  |   Israel
Drama, Jewish Interest, Women's Experiences

X—The eXploited

Károly Ujj Mészáros  |   Hungary
Crime, Political, Women's Experiences
World Cinema


Sari Braithwaite  |   Australia
Documentary, Explicit Content, Sex and Sexuality, Women's Experiences