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A woman emraces a girl, kissing the side of her head, and holds a small black dog in her other arm.

Bad Living Mal Viver

  João Canijo

  Portugal, France     127 minutes


Five women across three generations are struggling to keep their decaying family hotel afloat. When Piedade’s daughter Salomé arrives on the scene, old resentments begin to bubble to the surface. The film’s wounded characters collide with one another in frank confrontation as layers of generational trauma are laid bare. The deteriorating architecture of the hotel looms over the action, reflecting the characters’ inner turmoil and embodying the fraying ties of a family on the verge of being torn apart.

 Portuguese with subtitles

A dark haired woman leans over the shoulder of another woman, her shoulder strap sliding down, as they look out a window.A masterwork of overlapping perspectives, Bad Living is the reverse shot of Living Bad (also included in this year’s program). Taken together, the two form a rich narrative labyrinth as the events of the story are observed from different angles and interpreted through the lens of different characters. The result is a cinematic experience of unprecedented depth.

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Film Credits

  •   Pedro Borges
  •   João Canijo
  •   João Braz
  •   Leonor Teles
  •   Anabela Moreira, Rita Blanco, Madalena Almeida, Cleia Almeida, Vera Barreto
  •   Pedro Borges
  •   Midas Filmes
  •   https://malviver-vivermal.pt/