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Charlotte Wells  |   United Kingdom
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs

Two decades after spending their last vacation together, Sophie tries to reconcile the father she knew with the man she didn’t in this searing emotional drama.



Carla Simón  |   Spain, Italy
Catalan, Spanish  
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs

In this absorbing family drama, a close-knit clan is plunged into crisis when the land they have farmed for decades is sold to developers.


The Blue Caftan

Maryam Touzani  |   France, Morocco, Belgium, Denmark
Drama, Family Affairs, LGBTQ

After master tailor Halim reluctantly takes on a new apprentice, the two must conceal their mutual attraction in this elegant and sympathetic reflection on adoration, love, and longing.



Hirokazu Kore-eda  |   South Korea
Drama, Family Affairs, Social Commentary

Overwhelmed and unable to care for her new child, new mother So-young stumbles into an unlikely partnership with two baby traffickers to find the perfect (and well-paying) parents for her infant in this heartbreaking, human story of found family.


The Great Silence (Den Store Stilhed)

Katrine Brocks  |   Denmark
Danish, Norwegian  
Family Affairs, Religion, Women Centered

Just as Alma is preparing to take her vows to become a nun, her estranged brother turns up demanding his share of the family inheritance, setting into motion a haunting tale of love, deceit, and forgiveness.



Michelle Garza Cervera  |   Mexico, Peru
Family Affairs, Horror, Women Centered

Believing she has been cursed by a sinister entity, a pregnant woman must embrace dark magic to combat the malicious spirit in this chilling exploration of the anxieties of early motherhood.



Guy Davidi  |   Denmark, Israel, Finland, Iceland
Family Affairs, Political, Social Commentary

With an uneasy beauty and a blistering moral force, filmmaker Guy Davidi chronicles the militarization of Israeli society and its impact on the lives of young people.


La Maternal

Pilar Palomero  |   Spain, France
Coming of Age, Family Affairs, Women Centered

A headstrong pregnant 14-year-old is sent to live at La Maternal, a support home for young mothers, where she must quickly learn how to be a parent.


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Antonio Lukich  |   Ukraine
German, Ukrainian  
Comedy, Crime, Family Affairs

Warmth, humor, and winning performances infuse this heartfelt comedy that follows twin brothers Kolya and Vasily in their search for common ground and a long lost father.


Mediterranean Fever

Maha Haj  |   Palestine, Germany, France, Cyprus, Qatar
Comedy, Family Affairs, Social Commentary

In this charming, absurdist tale of mid-life restlessness, an aspiring novelist suffering from writer’s block finds himself out of his depth after he is befriended by his new neighbor who dabbles in petty crime.



Andrea Pallaoro  |   United States, Italy
Drama, Family Affairs, LGBTQ

Trace Lysette stars as a woman who moves back to her childhood home to care for her dying mother (Patricia Clarkson) after two decades of estrangement in this intimate study of forgiveness and acceptance.


My Sailor, My Love

Klaus Härö  |   Finland, Ireland
Drama, Family Affairs, Romance

A retired sea captain’s strained relationship with his adult daughter is further tested when he embarks on a new romance with a widowed housekeeper.


No Ordinary Campaign

Christopher Burke  |   United States
Family Affairs, Political

In this inspiring story of love, hope, and activism, former Obama political director Brian Wallach, who was diagnosed with ALS at age 37, fights alongside his wife to find solutions for the debilitating disease.


The Passengers of the Night (Les passagers de la nuit)

Mikhaël Hers  |   France
Family Affairs, Social Commentary, Women Centered

In this sublime 1980s Paris-set drama, newly single mother Élizabeth (Charlotte Gainsbourg) takes a job at a late-night call-in radio show, a decision that redefines her place in the world and reshapes her destiny


A Piece of Sky (Drii Winter)

Michael Koch  |   Switzerland, Germany
Drama, Environmental, Family Affairs

In a remote Alpine village, Marco and Anna find their relationship tested as his behavior grows increasingly erratic in this moving meditation on the nature of enduring love.


Raymond & Ray

Rodrigo García  |   United States
Comedy, Drama, Family Affairs

Half-brothers Raymond and Ray have lived in the shadow of a terrible father. Somehow, they still each have a sense of humor, and his funeral is a chance for them to reinvent themselves.


Return to Seoul (Retour à Séoul)

Davy Chou  |   South Korea, France, Germany, Belgium, Quatar
English, French, Korean  
Coming of Age, Family Affairs, Social Commentary

After Freddie, 25, returns to her native South Korea for the first time, she finds herself on an unexpected journey, taking her life in new directions.



Marian Mathias  |   United States, France, Germany
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs

In this visually stunning story of first love, a young woman sets out to bury her father in his rural Illinois hometown and finds connection with a fellow lonely soul.



Chris Smith  |   United States
Family Affairs, Film on Film, Social Commentary

In this tender yet fittingly irreverent portrait of iconoclastic filmmaker Robert Downey, Sr.), documentarian Chris Smith, together with the subject’s movie-star son, conspire to tell the story of a fearless American director.


The Year Between

Alex Heller  |   United States
Comedy, Coming of Age, Family Affairs

In her sharply comic feature debut, Chicago filmmaker Alex Heller plays an acerbic college student with bipolar disorder struggling to connect with her parents and make her way in the world.