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GENRE: Family Affairs

40 Years a Prisoner

Tommy Oliver  |   United States
Documentary, Family Affairs, Political, Social Commentary
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A bracing examination of the U.S.’s longstanding racially and politically biased justice system, this powerful documentary bears witness to the lifelong efforts of Michael Africa, Jr. to secure the freedom of his parents, members of 1970s Black Liberation group MOVE, who were incarcerated for four decades.

Becoming Mona Kom hier dat ik u kus

Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden  |  The Netherlands, Belgium
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs
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Life is what happens when you stop living for others and start living for yourself. This poignant tragicomic journey of courage follows Mona from early childhood, when she is inculcated to be a quiet, obedient presence in the world. She blossoms into a talented young artist, but years of repressing her feelings have impaired her [...]

The Comeback Revansch

Patrik Eklund  |   Sweden
Comedy, Family Affairs, Sports
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A promising badminton player in her youth, Annbritt lost the Swedish championship finals in 1983, and, three decades later, she still hasn’t recovered from the defeat. Convinced that the loss was the result of the umpire’s missed call, she has since spiraled downward, a bottle of alcohol her constant companion. Buoyed by the unflagging enthusiasm [...]

The Dark and the Wicked

Bryan Bertino  |   United States
Family Affairs, Horror, Thriller
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After adult siblings Louise and Michael return to their family farm to say goodbye to their dying father and comfort their distressed mother, they’re overwhelmed by an unstoppable evil that threatens to consume them all. The Dark and the Wicked taps into deep anxieties about our responsibilities to our loved ones—even as it plunges us ever further into a harrowing waking nightmare.

Farewell Amor

Ekwa Msangi  |   United States
Drama, Family Affairs, Romance
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After 17 years apart, Walter’s wife Esther and daughter Sylvia arrive in New York from Angola; time apart has rendered them virtual strangers, and the three must find a way to reconnect. This beautifully conceived film captures the immigrant experience with complexity and nuance.

Little Girl Petite Fille

Sébastien Lifshitz  |   France
Documentary, Family Affairs, LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality
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In this beautifully crafted gem of a film about the joys and pain of living your truth, seven-year-old Sasha works to realize her lifelong dream of being accepted as a girl by her peers, by her parents and by her extended family.


Claudio Noce  |   Italy
Action, Coming of Age, Crime, Drama, Family Affairs
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1976 Rome. After 10-year-old Valerio witnesses the attempted assassination of his father, he and his famility are overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. When Christian, a slightly older and bolder rebellious boy appears seemingly out of nowhere and befriends Valerio, his outlook starts to shift. Loosely based on his own childhood experience, director Claudio Noce deploys magical realist elements to both wondrous and nightmarish effect.

Schoolgirls Las Niñas

Pilar Palomero  |   Spain
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs
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Growing up in small-town Spain in the early '90s, 11-year-old Celia is ever the responsible student and considerate daughter. When impossibly cool Brisa storms in from Barcelona, she upsets the order of the girls’ strict Catholic school, run by nuns with a stern disposition and an iron fist. Unexpectedly, the two girls become fast friends, [...]

Sleep Schlaf

Michael Venus  |   Germany
Family Affairs, Horror
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After a woman’s recurring nightmares send her on a search for answers, both she and her daughter find themselves drawn to a hotel where they become trapped in a web of unsettling visions as dreams and reality collide. A horror-tinged thriller that channels Grimms’ Fairy Tales by way of David Lynch.

The Special Especial

Ignacio Márquez  |  Venezuela, United States
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs, Social Commentary
Streaming SOLD OUT

In this deftly told and uplifting debut, a profoundly charming young man must navigate the challenges of early adulthood with Down Syndrome as he seeks to build a life of independence from his troubled father. Long separated by an ocean of silence and shame, will the two men be able to assemble a common future?

The Ties

Daniele Luchetti  |  France, Italy
Drama, Family Affairs, Literary Adaptation
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In early 1980s Naples, husband Aldo (Luigi Lo Cascio) confesses to wife Vanda (Alba Rohrwacher) that he’s been unfaithful, causing a rupture in their once-happy union. Their two young children, stuck firmly in the middle, bear the emotional fallout. But the ties that bind can be inescapable, even without love. Now, 30 years later, Aldo [...]

True Mothers Asa ga Kuru

Kawase Naomi  |   Japan
Drama, Family Affairs, Literary Adaptation, Social Commentary
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After a long and painful struggle with infertility, Satoko and her husband Kiyokazu stumble across Baby Baton, a non-profit organization that matches couples who can't conceive with mothers who are unable to raise their children. Realizing that adoption could make their family whole, the couple soon brings home a son, little Asato. But six years [...]

The Woman Who Ran Domangchin yeoja

Hong Sangsoo  |   South Korea
Comedy, Family Affairs
Streaming SOLD OUT
Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival Apart from her husband for the first time in years, Gamhee (played by inimitable Kim Minhee) has a series of encounters with friends both planned and by chance. Over the course of their conversations, details about her life and relationship with her spouse begin to emerge. Is she trying to [...]