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Black Perspectives

A celebration of the richness and diversity of African American and Black stories, from Prohibition-era Chicago to the Korean War to contemporary New York, and beyond.


A Lot of Nothing

Mo McRae  |   United States
Comedy, Social Commentary, Thriller

Fiercely committed performances drive this satirical hothouse thriller about a successful Black couple driven to take action after learning that their neighbor, a while policeman, is involved in the shooting of an unarmed youth.


Amina [short film]

Shanrica Evans  |   United States

A former astronaut struggles to connect with her unborn child after the loss of her partner.


The Big Payback

Erika Alexander & Whitney Dow  |   United States
Political, Social Commentary, Women Centered

An inspiring look at rookie Alderman Robin Rue Simmons’ fight to redress the wrongs of “redlining” and the legacy of slavery through a groundbreaking reparations program in Evanston, Illinois.


Big Three [short film]

Julian Turner  |   United States

Set in the early 1960s, a budding soul music label brings in a savvy group of local teenage musicians to offer feedback and inspiration to its early signees.



J.D. Dillard  |   United States
Action, Drama, Historical

Devotion, an aerial war epic based on the bestselling book of the same name, tells the harrowing true story of Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors) and Tom Hudner (Glen Powell), two elite U.S. Navy fighter pilots during the Korean War. Their heroic sacrifices would ultimately make them the Navy’s most celebrated wingmen.


Freshwater [short film]

dream hampton  |   United States

A disappearing Black city is filled with flooded basements in this meditation on the fluid nature of memory.


Gospel Hill [short film]

Kevin Jerome Everson & Claudrena N. Harold  |   United States

Two University of Virginia workers share a drink and conversation at a local nightclub.


The Inspection

Elegance Bratton  |   United States
Drama, LGBTQ, Social Commentary

After a young, gay Black man joins the Marines, he battles prejudice and the grueling routines of basic training, while also finding unexpected strength, camaraderie and a welcome sense of identity from his new community.


King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones

Harriet Marin Jones  |   France, United States
English, French  
Historical, Social Commentary

The thrilling life story of the legendary African American powerbroker, who built a multimillion-dollar empire running a racketeering syndicate on Chicago’s South Side in the 1930s and ’40s.



Josh Alexander  |   United States
Historical, Political, Social Commentary

An in-depth look at controversial civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton detailing the roots of his political engagement and his evolution into a media-savvy crusader.


Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues

Sacha Jenkins  |   United States
Historical, Music, Social Commentary

An intimate and revealing look at the world-changing musician, presented
through a lens of archival footage and never-before-heard home recordings and personal conversations.


The Melt Goes On Forever: The Art and Times of David Hammons

Judd Tully & Harold Crooks  |   United States, Canada
Historical, Political, Social Commentary

A striking portrait of artist David Hammons, who emerged out of L.A.’s Watts Rebellion and whose provocative work was rooted in a deep critique of U.S. society.



Nikyatu Jusu  |   United States
English, French, Wolof  
Social Commentary, Thriller, Women Centered

In a stunning performance, Anna Diop plays a Senegalese nanny increasingly haunted by the absence of the young son she left behind.


Saint Omer

Alice Diop  |   France
Crime, Drama, Social Commentary, Women Centered

In this profound character study, a novelist observes the trial of a Senegalese woman accused of infanticide—a crime she admits to having committing yet maintains her innocence.

Collection of four film stills representing Shorts Program 7

Shorts 7: Sudden Waves (Black Perspectives)

Various  |   Ghana, United States

This suite of films revels in themes of memory, grief, and joy.


Shut Up and Paint [short film]

Alex Mallis & Titus Khapar  |   United States

Painter Titus Kaphar shifts to film in the face of an art market seeking to silence his activism.


Tsutsué [short film]

Armartei Armar  |   France, Ghana

The sons of fisherman Sowah and Okai cope with the loss of their eldest brother, who drowned during a fishing expedition.


You Go Girl [short film]

Sharifa Ali  |   United States

Audrey, a New York City comedian who can make a joke of any situation, faces a staggering challenge in the beautiful mountains of Oregon.