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New Directors Competition

Screening for the first time in the U.S., these bold works from emerging talents showcase exciting new voices in international cinema.


Falcon Lake

Charlotte Le Bon  |   Canada, France
English, French  
Coming of Age, Mystery, Romance

A 14-year-old boy vacationing with his family in rural Quebec falls for a rebellious older girl in this tenderly-observed, haunting rumination on first love.


The Great Silence (Den Store Stilhed)

Katrine Brocks  |   Denmark
Danish, Norwegian  
Family Affairs, Religion, Women Centered

Just as Alma is preparing to take her vows to become a nun, her estranged brother turns up demanding his share of the family inheritance, setting into motion a haunting tale of love, deceit, and forgiveness.


A Human Position

Anders Emblem  |   Norway
Drama, Social Commentary, Women Centered

Searching for meaning in her life and work, a young journalist investigates the deportation of a local asylum seeker in this understated yet profound character-driven drama.


La Maternal

Pilar Palomero  |   Spain, France
Coming of Age, Family Affairs, Women Centered

A headstrong pregnant 14-year-old is sent to live at La Maternal, a support home for young mothers, where she must quickly learn how to be a parent.


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Antonio Lukich  |   Ukraine
German, Ukrainian  
Comedy, Crime, Family Affairs

Warmth, humor, and winning performances infuse this heartfelt comedy that follows twin brothers Kolya and Vasily in their search for common ground and a long lost father.


Mediterranean Fever

Maha Haj  |   Palestine, Germany, France, Cyprus, Qatar
Comedy, Family Affairs, Social Commentary

In this charming, absurdist tale of mid-life restlessness, an aspiring novelist suffering from writer’s block finds himself out of his depth after he is befriended by his new neighbor who dabbles in petty crime.



Alexandru Belc  |   Romania, France
Coming of Age, Historical, Political

In 1972 Bucharest, agathering of freedom-minded teenagers is interrupted when the secret police come knocking in this alternately tender and tense, politically inflected coming-of-age drama.



Ann Oren  |   Germany
English, German  
Drama, Sex and Sexuality, Women Centered

An introverted Foley artist working on a commercial is invigorated when her body begins to transform in unexpected, intoxicating ways.


A Piece of Sky (Drii Winter)

Michael Koch  |   Switzerland, Germany
Drama, Environmental, Family Affairs

In a remote Alpine village, Marco and Anna find their relationship tested as his behavior grows increasingly erratic in this moving meditation on the nature of enduring love.


Plan 75

Chie Hayakawa  |   Japan, France, Philippines, Qatar
Drama, Political, Science Fiction

In a dystopian near-future, the fates of three lonely souls become intertwined as they are drawn into the sphere of Plan 75, a government program that gently coerces senior citizens to be euthanized.



Marian Mathias  |   United States, France, Germany
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs

In this visually stunning story of first love, a young woman sets out to bury her father in his rural Illinois hometown and finds connection with a fellow lonely soul.


Under the Fig Trees

Erige Sehiri  |   Tunisia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Qatar
Coming of Age, Drama, Romance

A day in the Tunisian fig harvest: fruit pickers young and old gossip, squabble, flirt and reminisce, seeking connection and reflecting on love and life in this sun-dappled slice of life.


The Woodcutter Story (Metsurin Tarina)

Mikko Myllylahti  |   Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany
Comedy, Drama

Although a series of surreal cataclysmic events throws his life into chaos, cheery Pepe remains steadfastly optimistic in this riotous, deadpan fable set in the endless Finnish winter.