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A girl in a pink button-up, soaking wet, looks off camera. Behind her a pond surrounded by lush trees

Family Portrait

  Lucy Kerr

  United States     73 minutes


Spring 2020. A Texas family gathers for a reunion on their sprawling estate. When it’s time to memorialize the proceedings with a family photo, it becomes Katy’s job to wrangle everyone down by the river. Then her mother disappears, and Katy’s unwelcome task morphs into a frantic search as a trickle of news about COVID-19 spreads through the get-together. Fear begins to grip Katy, and reality appears to be tearing at the seams.

Ruminating on life, death, the nature of photography, and existence itself, the film is a brilliantly observed, often slyly humorous picture of the unwieldy chaos of a family gathering and a potent distillation of early pandemic paranoia.


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Film Credits

  •   Megan Pickrell​, Frederic Winkler, Rob Rice
  •   Lucy Kerr
  •   Karlis Bergs
  •   Lidia Nikonova
  •   Deragh Campbell, Chris Galust, Rachel Alig, Katie Folger, Robert Salas, Veronica Cinibulk, Silvana Jakich, David McGuff, Christian Huey, Les Weiler​
  •   Lucy Kerr, Brittany Reeber​
  •   Insufficient Funds, Conjuring Productions​
  •   https://www.lightsonfilm.com/familyportrait.html


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