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Two men wearing matching yellow polos lean against a fence topped with barbed wire, one smokes a cigarettes.

firedream lumbrensueño

  José Pablo Escamilla

  Mexico     80 minutes


Lucas is a teenager in limbo. He and his family have recently started over in a gray, industrial city, where he works aimlessly flipping burgers at a restaurant that never ceases to exploit him. He spends his afternoons with his coworker and friend Oscar, a socially awkward free spirit who resists the family and work pressures to which Lucas feels so beholden. When Oscar suddenly departs on a distant journey, entrusting Lucas with a shoebox full of his memories and most valued possessions, these objects will send Lucas on a path of discovery and connection. Through poetry and photography, he seeks to capture the light he observes amongst the darkness, and bring it back home.

José Pablo Escamilla’s formally daring second feature is a poetic odyssey, searching for meaning in grief and genuine human connection through the act of creating.

 Spanish with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Diandra Arriaga
  •   José Pablo Escamilla, Nicolasa Ruiz
  •   Julieta Seco
  •   Miguel Escudero
  •   Diego Solis, Imix Lamak, Teresita Sánchez
  •   Lucerna Records, Isaac Soto
  •   La Biennale Di Venezia
  •   Colectivo Colmena
  •   https://www.colmena.tv/en/film/lumbrensueno/


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