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Cinema/Chicago’s film festivals, education program, and year-round programming enhance the cultural assets of the city of Chicago by exhibiting film from around the world and providing creative development for youth and emerging filmmakers. Together, we promote a deeper understanding of a diverse body of cultures and experiences, thus contributing to Chicago’s identity and orientation as an inclusive and international city. Cinema Circle provides unique and expanded giving opportunities to philanthropic, community-minded individuals who wish to sustain and grow Cinema/Chicago’s festivals and year-round programming.

Cinema/Chicago is comprised of adventurous individuals dedicated to the importance of independent, and international cinema and the critical role that a respectful and accessible organization can play in the life of a vibrant community. Cinema Circle is an opportunity to express these values and extend the impact of our internationally renowned organization.

Your Cinema Circle gift provides a major level of impact by supporting significant programs throughout the year. Patrons can direct their gifts to specific programs or allow support to be used where it is needed most.

“Festivals are so important, because they show to the world, they show to distributors, they show to audiences, they show to critics, movies that don’t…otherwise get a chance. Thank you for keeping the all important Chicago Film Festival alive and kicking into the future”

—Helen Mirren, Academy Award®-Winning actress (The Queen, Woman in Gold, Gosford Park)

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The Cinema Circle provides a unique giving opportunity for arts patrons who value innovative, high-caliber cinema, arts education, and cultural experiences, as well as access opportunities to one-of-a-kind gatherings and unique access to the creative minds of contemporary cinema.

Premiere Patron: $25,000+
Director’s Chair Patron: $15,000+
Silver Screen Patron: $10,000+
Spotlight Patron: $5,000+

“Cinema is a mirror by which we see ourselves.”

—Alejandro González Iñárritu, Academy Award®-Winning Director (The Revenant, Birdman, Amores Perros)

YOUR IMPACT & BENEFITS Premiere Patron $25k Director’s Chair $15k Silver Screen $10k Spotlight Patron $5k
(one of the below)
CineYouth Festival Support
Supports 30 next-generation filmmakers by showcasing their work and providing hands-on training & development filmmakers
30 filmmakers 20 filmmakers 10 filmmakers 5 filmmakers
Summer Screenings Program
Supports a number of weeks out of 19 weeks of international cinema free to all
12 weeks 9 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks
Festival Filmmaker Hospitality Program
Supports filmmakers attendance at the Chicago International Film Festival
10 filmmakers 7 filmmakers 3 filmmakers 1 filmmaker
Education Program & Curriculum
Supports the launch of new pilot programs, provides film education experience to a number of students out of 6,000+ served annually
900 students 600 students 300 students 150 students
Chicago International Film Festival Program
Supports over 100 independent and non-commercial films from 5 continents to a digital & in-person audience of 40,000
One entire Film Festival Program One Marquee Screening Event One High-Profile Special or Gala Presentation One select Festival Film
(All Cinema Circle members are invited to exclusive members-only events):
Opportunity to host dinner or cocktail event with Festival filmmakers .
Recognition verbally, on-screen, on website and on all printed and digital materials for supported program . . . .
Premium Reserved Seats 30 20 10 10
Founder Membership(s) to the Festival 2 2 2 1
Commemorative Gifts . . . .
Dedicated ticket concierge service . . . .