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A couple sits side-by-side on a blue couch.

The Hypnosis Hypnosen

  Ernst de Geer

  Sweden, Norway, France     98 minutes


This incisive, quick-witted, and cringe-inducing satire opens with André and Vera on the cusp of a business breakthrough. Invited to pitch their app concept at an international workshop for young entrepreneurs, the Swedish duo begins to feverishly prepare. Then, days before the event, Vera books a session with a hypnotherapist in hopes that it will help her quit smoking. Now, she’s suddenly cigarette-free and has a new outlook on life — one that is completely free of social inhibitions. As their big moment approaches, André begins to worry.

This delightfully awkward sendup of modern entrepreneurial culture is an ironic, open-hearted look at what it means to be your authentic self in the face of societal expectations.

 English, Norwegian, Swedish with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Mimmi Spång
  •   Mads Stegger, Ernst De Geer
  •   Robert Krantz
  •   Jonathan Bjerstedt
  •   Asta Kamma August, Herbert Nordrum, Andrea Edwards, David Fukamachi Regnfors, Moa Niklasson, Simon Rajala, Aviva Wrede, Alexandra Zetterberg Ehn, Kristina Braden Whitaker, Karin de Frumerie, Julien Combes
  •   Peder Kjellsby
  •   Garagefilm International AB, Film I Väst AB, Mer Film AS, Totem Atelier


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