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A woman in a red swimsuit smiles as she stares at something. Behind her, the vast blue ocean glistens in the sunlight.

The Love Stories of Liv S. Les histoires d'amour de Liv S.

  Anna Luif

  Switzerland     73 minutes


A reconstruction of a life through a series of encounters, this decades-spanning portrait of one woman’s romantic history from girlhood crush to middle-life heartbreak investigates the joy and pain of partnership. Liv, a filmmaker and the lead singer of a post-punk band, drifts through a cycle of love and separation, in search of someone or something — even she can’t grasp what, exactly —  with a sense of optimism and self-aware irony.

Vulnerable, playful, and honest, this offbeat rom-com oozes with charisma in its montage and mise-en-scène, and is buoyed by original glitter-grunge music. But, much like the character of Liv herself, the delightful, wry exterior of this confessional film belies an inner depth that plumbs questions of  intimacy, compatibility, and connection without the promise of answers or resolutions.

 French with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Aline Schmid and Adrian Blaser
  •   Anna Luif, Marie Fourquet
  •   Nicolas Hislaire
  •   Timon Schäppi
  •   Agnès Delachair, Marie Fontannaz, Jean-Christophe Folly, Baptiste Gilliéron, Andranic Manet, François Neycken, Dimitri Stapfer, Antonin Schopfer, Rémi Fortin, Rebecca Bonvin
  •   Balz Bachmann
  •   Beauvoir Films
  •   https://www.love-film.ch


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