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These resonant films capture moments of seismic change and pivotal emotional turning points from all corners of the globe.

A woman emraces a girl, kissing the side of her head, and holds a small black dog in her other arm.

Bad Living Mal Viver

João Canijo  |   Portugal, France
Architecture, Drama, Family Affairs, Women Centered

The first in a pair of intricately interconnected films, five women struggle to keep their decaying family hotel afloat.

People dancing in a vintage dance hall. Two women at center screen dance together.

The Beautiful Summer La bella estate

Laura Luchetti  |   Italy
Coming of Age, LGBTQ, Romance, Women Centered

Summer 1938. Ginia moves to Turin and immerses herself in a sensual, bohemian world where she finds the courage to truly be herself.

A woman sits on the floor in her bra and skirt while resting her hands on the man laying his head in her lap.

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

Elene Naveriani  |   Switzerland, Georgia
Comedy, Romance, Women Centered

48-year old Etero’s world is turned upside down when she falls for a local deliveryman in this endearing and off-kilter dry comedy.

A young man with glasses glares straight ahead. His face is sweaty and battered.

Carnal Sins Almamula

Juan Sebastián Torales  |   France, Argentina, Italy
Drama, Horror, LGBTQ, Religion

Seduced by the myth of a local monster that punishes impure acts, gay teen Nino pursues temptation within a deeply religious community.

A cyclist wearing a gold chain, maroon jersey, and black helmet screams intensly.

Hard Miles

RJ Daniel Hanna  |   United States
Coming of Age, Drama, Sports

A social worker at a juvenile detention center assembles an unlikely team of incarcerated teens who must outrace their pasts on a transformative 1000-mile bike ride.

A man and woman crouch in a green forrest, a book lays open between them.


Bas Devos  |   Belgium
Dutch, French, Mandarin, Romanian  
Drama, Romance

A construction worker is preparing to leave Brussels for good when he makes an unlikely connection with an enchanting microbiologist.

In a large brick waiting room, 4 people sit across a table from two others, all dressed professionally.

Housekeeping for Beginners Domakinstvo za pocetnici

Goran Stolevski  |   North Macedonia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo
Albanian, Macedonian, Romani  
Drama, Family Affairs, LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality

When the head of the household passes away suddenly, a collective of queer misfits reluctantly come together to protect their found family.

A dirty, bloodied man holds a baby close to him, his other hand flung behind him off camera.


Devashish Makhija  |   India
Action, Drama, Social Commentary, Thriller

A cat-and-mouse styled thriller finds Dasru on the run with baby in tow after he is framed for the murder of his wife by insidious political forces.

The black and white image of a man in glasses leans against his vintage car.


Ivan Sen  |   Australia
Crime, Drama, Noir, Western

A white detective investigates the twenty-year-old cold case of a murdered Indigenous girl in this outback-set noir.

A dark haired woman leans over the shoulder of another woman, her shoulder strap sliding down, as they look out a window.

Living Bad Viver Mal

João Canijo  |   Portugal, France
Architecture, Drama, Family Affairs, Women Centered

The events of companion film Bad Living are seen through the eyes of the hotel’s guests, who are juggling problems of their own.

A woman in a red swimsuit smiles as she stares at something. Behind her, the vast blue ocean glistens in the sunlight.

The Love Stories of Liv S. Les histoires d'amour de Liv S.

Anna Luif  |   Switzerland
Comedy, Romance, Sex and Sexuality, Women Centered

Filmmaker and post-punk singer Liv drifts through a cycle of love and separation in this charismatic, funny look at the pain and joy of partnership.

A man in the passanger seat of a car looks backwards over his shoulder past camera.

Pet Shop Days

Olmo Schnabel  |   United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico
English, Spanish  
Drama, Family Affairs, LGBTQ, Sex and Sexuality

Two young men meet in New York City and enter a whirlwind romance, sending them into a dead-end world of passion, drugs, and depravity.

A dark haired woman and child share a warm smile as the girl rests her hand on the womans.


Noora Niasari  |   Australia
English, Persian  
Drama, Family Affairs, Women Centered

After Shayda takes refuge in an Australian women’s shelter with her young daughter, the arrival of her husband jeopardizes her path to freedom.

A drag queen in a long wig and leotard performs in front of an adoring crowd.


Sophie Dupuis  |   Canada
English, French  
Drama, Family Affairs, LGBTQ, Music

A talented drag performer searches for love from a passionate yet domineering new relationship, and from his long-estranged mother.

A woman with ginger hair, wearing a red sweater, yells while standing in a classroom.

The Teachers’ Lounge Das Lehrerzimmer

İlker Çatak  |   Germany
English, German, Polish, Turkish  
Drama, Social Commentary, Women Centered

An idealistic high school teacher who advocates for a student accused of stealing becomes embroiled in conflict when she becomes the target of a theft herself.

A bearded man seated before a desk holds up his fist to show a tattoo on his forearm.

Terrestrial Verses

Ali Asgari, Alireza Khatami  |   Iran
Drama, Political, Religion

Incisive, often darkly comic vignettes offer a glimpse into the world of everyday citizens grappling with the absurdity of life in modern Iran.