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A woman sits on the floor in her bra and skirt while resting her hands on the man laying his head in her lap.

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

  Elene Naveriani

  Switzerland, Georgia     110 minutes


Etero adores her independent life. Living alone in a small Georgian village, the 48-year-old shopkeeper is perfectly content on her own. The pangs of love strike at the most unexpected times, however, and Etero’s world is turned upside down when she begins to fall for a delivery man from a nearby town.

Lead actor Eka Chavleishvili plays Etero with tentative grace, imbuing the character with tenderness and empathy as she’s forced to choose between the quiet days she cherishes and this unexplored alternative of passion and romance. Filled with effortless charm and directed with a light touch, Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry is a lyrical look at the unpredictable impulses of the human heart.

 Georgian with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Thomas Reichlin, Britta Rindelaub, Ketie Daniela
  •   Nikoloz Mdivani, Elene Naveriani, Tamta Melashvili
  •   Aurora Franco Vögeli
  •   Agnesh Pakozdi
  •   Eka Chavleishvili, Temiko Chinchinadze, Pikria Nikabadze, Anka Khurtsidze, Tamar Mdinaradze, Lia Abuladze
  •   Alva Film (CH), Takes Film (GE)