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From slapstick to subversive, surrealist to satirical, this program presents a range of films that will leave you laughing all the way home.


A Lot of Nothing

Mo McRae  |   United States
Comedy, Social Commentary, Thriller

Fiercely committed performances drive this satirical hothouse thriller about a successful Black couple driven to take action after learning that their neighbor, a while policeman, is involved in the shooting of an unarmed youth.


Action [short film]

Benoît Monney  |   Switzerland
English, French  

A film director struggles through a day of chaotic, unforeseen problems.


Auntie [short film]

Fawzia Mirza  |   United States

The day after meeting a crew of twenty-somethings at a South Asian happy hour, 39-year-old Hena is thrown into their group chat.



Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir  |   Iceland
English, Icelandic  
Comedy, Music, Women Centered

In this off-beat send-up of blind ambition that celebrates female friendship, Iceland’s Post Performance Blues Band give themselves one year to become avant-garde pop stars—or relinquish their dream forever.


The Banshees of Inisherin

Martin McDonagh  |   United Kingdom, Ireland, United States

Two lifelong friends find themselves at an impasse when one abruptly ends their relationship, with alarming consequences for both of them.


Circle of Trust [short film]

Victor Nyåker  |   Sweden

Sonja and Per meet to create a space where they safely can explore sides of themselves that they suppress in their everyday lives.


Deloping [short film]

Jon Olav Stokke  |   United Kingdom

Mary and Emma will settle their differences the only way they know how: a duel to the death!


The Diaper Cake [short film]

Anastasia Babenko  |   Ukraine

In a tiny hospital room, Vitya and Lena have no choice but to grow up as they welcome their newborn.


Experience the World – The Train [short film]

Duro Howard Jr.  |   United States

An absurdist, soft-spoken journey along the Chicago Red Line train during rush hour.


Fairy Folk

Karan Gour  |   India
English, Hindi  
Comedy, Romance, Sex and Sexuality

A shapeshifting creature upends the lives of a squabbling couple seeking to rekindle their romance in this utterly unique and delightfully off-kilter fable that explores notions of gender, love, and longing.


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Rian Johnson  |   United States
Comedy, Crime, Mystery

In this follow-up to Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out,” Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery involving a new cast of colorful suspects.


The Hostage [short film]

Natalie Prisco  |   United States

A bored middle-aged woman desperate for an adrenaline rush becomes entangled with a crew of dangerous diamond thieves.


Leonor Will Never Die (Ang Pagbabalik ng Kwago)

Martika Ramirez Escobar  |   Philippines
Action, Comedy, Film on Film

When an aging action screenwriter is knocked into a coma by a falling television, she becomes trapped in one of her unfinished scripts and must find a way to complete the story while still unconscious.


The Lost King

Stephen Frears  |   United Kingdom
Biopic, Drama, Historical

Sally Hawkins and Steve Coogan star in this inspiring true-story of a shy, middle-aged writer who sets out to unearth the long-buried truth about King Richard III’s life and death.


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Antonio Lukich  |   Ukraine
German, Ukrainian  
Comedy, Crime, Family Affairs

Warmth, humor, and winning performances infuse this heartfelt comedy that follows twin brothers Kolya and Vasily in their search for common ground and a long lost father.


Mediterranean Fever

Maha Haj  |   Palestine, Germany, France, Cyprus, Qatar
Comedy, Family Affairs, Social Commentary

In this charming, absurdist tale of mid-life restlessness, an aspiring novelist suffering from writer’s block finds himself out of his depth after he is befriended by his new neighbor who dabbles in petty crime.


Raymond & Ray

Rodrigo García  |   United States
Comedy, Drama, Family Affairs

Half-brothers Raymond and Ray have lived in the shadow of a terrible father. Somehow, they still each have a sense of humor, and his funeral is a chance for them to reinvent themselves.

Collection of four comedic film stills representing Shorts Program 6

Shorts 6: Risible (Comedy)

Various  |   Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

These impressive comedic shorts pack a punch and make it hard to hold in your laughter.


Somewhere Over the Chemtrails (Kdyby radši hořelo)

Adam Koloman Rybanský  |   Czech Republic
Comedy, Political

In this incisive social satire, a small Czech town is riled into xenophobic fervor after the locals are persuaded that a car crashing into an Easter celebration is an act of terrorism.


White Noise

Noah Baumbach  |   United States
Comedy, Literary Adaptation, Social Commentary

A contemporary American family attempts to deal with the mundane conflicts of everyday life while grappling with the universal mysteries of love, death, and the possibility of happiness in an uncertain world.


The Woodcutter Story (Metsurin Tarina)

Mikko Myllylahti  |   Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany
Comedy, Drama

Although a series of surreal cataclysmic events throws his life into chaos, cheery Pepe remains steadfastly optimistic in this riotous, deadpan fable set in the endless Finnish winter.


The Year Between

Alex Heller  |   United States
Comedy, Coming of Age, Family Affairs

In her sharply comic feature debut, Chicago filmmaker Alex Heller plays an acerbic college student with bipolar disorder struggling to connect with her parents and make her way in the world.

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