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After Dark

These sinister, shock-filled, and spine-tingling movies will keep your adrenaline pumping late into the night.

Bad Hair

Justin Simien  |   United States
Comedy, Horror
Drive-in SOLD OUT
In this hilarious horror satire set in 1989, an ambitious young woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television, but her flourishing career comes at a cost when she realizes that her new hairstyle might have a mind of its own. As he did with his auspicious debut [...]

The Columnist De Kuthoer

Ivo van Aart  |   The Netherlands
Action, Comedy, Horror, Social Commentary
Silver Audience Award for Best European Feature, Fantasia International Film Festival Femke is over it! The constant critique, the gaslighting for speaking her truth, the trolls’ anonymous, sexist insults. A columnist for a revered publication in The Netherlands, the divorced, city-dwelling single mother faces a daily barrage of negativity on social media. Sure, she shouldn’t [...]

The Dark and the Wicked

Bryan Bertino  |   United States
Family Affairs, Horror, Thriller
Drive-in SOLD OUT

After adult siblings Louise and Michael return to their family farm to say goodbye to their dying father and comfort their distressed mother, they’re overwhelmed by an unstoppable evil that threatens to consume them all. The Dark and the Wicked taps into deep anxieties about our responsibilities to our loved ones—even as it plunges us ever further into a harrowing waking nightmare.

“The Doe” [Short Film] La Biche

Jennifer Lumbroso  |  France

After an accident in the French countryside, a woman feverishly escapes to the woods in order to survive. She becomes The Doe.

“Flick” [Short Film]

Ariel Zengotita  |  United States

A reclusive college student is driven insane after picking a booger he can’t get rid of.

“Laura Hasn’t Slept” [Short Film]

Parker Finn  |  United States

An insomniac solicits the help of her therapist in a desperate attempt to escape her nightmares.

“Nightingale” [Short Film]

Jasper de Bruin  |  The Netherlands

Pondering a hospital’s eerie hallways, a nurse makes her rounds on the night shift.

“Regret” [Short Film]

Santiago Menghini  |  Canada

A man in the throes of regret must survive the night when the physical manifestation of his inner demons begins to stalk him.

Shorts 3: A Creeping Chill (After Dark)

Various  |   Canada, France, The Netherlands, United States
Dutch, English, French  

From bodily fluids to walking nightmares, grave peril abounds in this program of audacious late-night fare. Triumphs of mood and tone, these films give voice to persistent feelings of dread and unease. Featuring works by Santiago Menghini, Ariel Zengotita, Jennifer Lumbroso, Parker Finn, Jasper De Bruin, and Ariane Boukerche.

Sleep Schlaf

Michael Venus  |   Germany
Family Affairs, Horror

After a woman’s recurring nightmares send her on a search for answers, both she and her daughter find themselves drawn to a hotel where they become trapped in a web of unsettling visions as dreams and reality collide. A horror-tinged thriller that channels Grimms’ Fairy Tales by way of David Lynch.

“They Salivate” [Short Film] Ils salivent

Ariane Boukerche  |  France

A couple’s kiss becomes an unforgettable, hypnotic study of human relationships.