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A group of men wearing winter coats, gather together while facing a crowd of people.

Concrete Utopia

  Um Tae-hwa

  South Korea     130 minutes


A massive earthquake has reduced Seoul to a battered post-apocalyptic snarl of twisted metal and collapsed rubble — except for one building, the Hwang Gung Apartments, the last vestige of civilization as far as the eye can see. Together with the rest of the building’s tenants, young couple Min-seong (Parasite’s Park Seo-jun) and Myeong-hwa (Park Bo-young) must work together to restore order and plan for their survival, which turn out to be just the beginning of their troubles.

South Korea’s official submission for next year’s Oscars and a box-office smash in its home country, Concrete Utopia is a rollicking disaster epic that deftly mixes intimate psychological tensions with action-packed set pieces. Not unlike other recent South Korean hits, it’s a skillful combination of violence, thrills, and acerbic social commentary about authority, community, and the fine line that exists between heroes and villains, civility and savagery.

 Korean with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Byun Seung-min
  •   Lee Shin-jin, Um Tae-hwa
  •   Han Mee-yeon
  •   Cho Hyoung-rae
  •   Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-jun, Park Bo-young
  •   Kim Hae-won
  •   Choi Byung-Hwan
  •   Cimax Studio