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Three teenage girls, dressed brightly, sit together in front of a metal fence.

Sisterhood HLM Pussy

  Nora El Hourch

  France, Morocco     100 minutes


Fifteen-year-olds Amina, Djeneba, and Zineb have been an inseparable trio since childhood. When one of the girls is the victim of a predatory incident, an emboldened Amina posts a video of the assault on social media as a means of denouncing the assailant. The video unexpectedly goes viral, eliciting both widespread support and backlash from their community and the internet at large. Amina’s actions force a wedge into this formerly invincible friendship, shedding light on the divides in the girls’ race, class, and cultural privilege.

A poignant commentary on the act of speaking out in the age of the viral internet, Sisterhood takes a critical closer look at the complex factors at play that, all too often, force women and girls into silence in the face of gendered violence.

 French with subtitles 

Content Considerations
Sexual violence
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Film Credits

  •   Philippe Gompel
  •   Nora El Hourch
  •   Quentin Jourde d'Arzac
  •   Maxence Lemonnier
  •   Léah Aubert, Médina Diarra, Salma Takaline, Oscar Al Hafiane, Bérénice Bejo, Mounir Magroum
  •   Clément Tery
  •   Philippe Gompel
  •   Manny Films, La Prod


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