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Three teenage girls, dressed brightly, sit together in front of a metal fence.

Sisterhood HLM Pussy

  Nora El Hourch

  France, Morocco     100 minutes


Fifteen-year-olds Amina, Djeneba, and Zineb have been an inseparable trio since childhood. When one of the girls is the victim of a predatory incident, an emboldened Amina posts a video of the assault on social media as a means of denouncing the assailant. The video unexpectedly goes viral, eliciting both widespread support and backlash from their community and the internet at large. Amina’s actions force a wedge into this formerly invincible friendship, shedding light on the divides in the girls’ race, class, and cultural privilege.

A poignant commentary on the act of speaking out in the age of the viral internet, Sisterhood takes a critical closer look at the complex factors at play that, all too often, force women and girls into silence in the face of gendered violence.

 French with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Philippe Gompel
  •   Nora El Hourch
  •   Quentin Jourde d'Arzac
  •   Maxence Lemonnier
  •   Léah Aubert, Médina Diarra, Salma Takaline, Oscar Al Hafiane, Bérénice Bejo, Mounir Magroum
  •   Clément Tery
  •   Philippe Gompel
  •   Manny Films, La Prod


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