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A young boy, wearing smeared red lipstick, lays back in bed holding back tears. A older woman lay next to him, comforting.

Lost Country

  Vladimir Perišić

  Serbia, France, Luxemburg, Croatia     98 minutes


Serbia, 1996. 15-year-old Stefan is torn. His close relationship with his mother, the television spokesperson for the authoritarian Milosevic regime, is causing him grief at school.  An election is approaching, and the nation — and his classmates — expect foul play from the party in power. When it becomes clear that the vote has been rigged, the students take to the streets to protest the fraudulent results, and the party meets the demonstrations with violence. His mother’s obvious corruption makes Stefan’s friends doubt his loyalty to their cause, forcing him to decide between his family and his generation.

Clean, incisive cinematography and intricate production design with a clear eye for period detail backdrop this passionate, politically-charged coming-of-age saga. A powerful performance anchors the proceedings, as actor Jovan Ginic’s bewildered stare conveys the complex pains of uncertain youth.

 Serbian with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Janja Kralj, Nadia Turincev, Omar El Kadi, Vladimir Perišić
  •   Vladimir Perišić, Alice Winocour
  •   Martial Salomon, Jelena Maksimović
  •   Sarah Blum, Louise Botkay Courcier
  •   Jovan Ginić, Jasna Đuričić, Miodrag Jovanović
  •   Alen & Nenad Sinkauz
  •   Janja Kralj, Nadia Turincev, Omar El Kadi, Vladimir Perišić
  •   Kinoelektron, Easy Riders


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