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A woman with short hair works at a desk, behind her the sky is painted orange from the setting sun.

Through the Night Quitter la nuit

  Delphine Girard

  Belgium, Canada, France     108 minutes


Late one night, Aly calls the police from the passenger seat of a car racing along a deserted road. She feels she is in danger from Dary, the man in the driver’s seat whose behavior is becoming increasingly explosive. Anna fields the call, deftly decrypting Aly’s conversation with her “sister” and talking her through the unfolding nightmare. Dary is arrested, and an investigation is underway. Weeks go by, and tensions mount. Aly must figure out what it means to carry on. Anna becomes obsessed with Aly’s future. Dary must account for his actions.

An intelligent and provocative expansion of director Delphine Girard’s Oscar-nominated short of the same title, Through the Night turns the traditional thriller on its head, intertwining the paths and points of view of these three characters in the aftermath of a sexual assault. The film deftly navigates between the shifting perspectives and story lines to create a tense, 360-degree view that never loses sight of the trauma’s impact rippling out over time and across communities.

 French with subtitles 

Screenings & Events

In-Person Screening

Fri, Oct 13 @ 5:45pm CDT

at AMC NEWCITY, Screen 5

In-Person Screening

Sat, Oct 14 @ 8:00pm CDT

at Siskel Center, Screen 2

Film Credits

  •   Versus production (BE) – Haut et court (FR) – Colonelle Films (CA) – The Reunion (BE)
  •   Delphine Girard
  •   Damien Keyeux
  •   Juliette Van Dormael
  •   Selma Alaoui, Veerle Baetens, Guillaume Duhesme, Anne Dorval
  •   Ben Shemie
  •   Gwennaëlle Libert
  •   Versus Production, Haut et Court, Colonelle Films, The Reunion
  •   https://playtime.group/film/626b30db8d97dd0004c5bb1a