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Under a tent lined with string lights, a man and a woman stand closely. He looks down while she gazes as him.

Because We Have Each Other

  Sari Braithwaite

  Australia     90 minutes


In this wondrous and warm-hearted portrait, director Sari Braithwaite (ChicagoIFF winner [Censored]) follows a very unique Australian family. Middle-aged and deeply in love, thoughtful and witty couple “Buddha” Barnes and Janet Sharrock live in a dusty working-class Melbourne suburb, still caring for their five adult kids from separate marriages. Adding to the complexities of a mixed family is the fact that they are all neurodivergent, living with a range of conditions from autism to depression to extreme dyslexia.

Sharing their deepest thoughts, fears, and dreams, we get to know each of the family members as they confront their vulnerabilities. And of course life, in all of its joys, misfortunes, and traumas, gets in the way. Blending the mundane with the universal through intimate verité footage and poetic shots of starry nighttime skies, Because We Have Each Other is a tender chronicle of the most normal, extraordinary lives.


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This film will be available to stream from October 16 at 12:00pm CT to October 22 at 11:59pm CDT, available only in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Learn more about streaming…

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Film Credits

  •   Chloé Brugalé
  •   Patrick McCabe
  •   Jeremy Virag
  •   Janet Barnes, Buddha Barnes, Rebecca Sharrock, Jessica Sharrock, Kylie Barnes, Brendan Barnes, Dylan Barnes
  •   Munro Melano
  •   Robert Connolly, Robert Patterson
  •   Arenamedia
  •   https://becausewehaveeachother.com/


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