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A woman looks to the side, resting her chin on her hands.

Eric LaRue

  Michael Shannon

  United States     119 minutes


In his masterful feature debut, acclaimed actor Michael Shannon paints a riveting portrait of Janice LaRue, a middle-aged mother coming to terms with a shooting spree perpetrated by her son. Adapted from Brett Neveu’s 2002 play — which debuted at A Red Orchid Theatre in Chicago — the film follows the shell-shocked Janice (Judy Greer) as she attempts to navigate the tragedy in her small town. Some try to help; others condemn her outright. While a local pastor tries to reconcile Janice with the victims’ mothers, Janice’s feeble husband (Alexander Skarsgård) finds refuge in an upstart church led by a motivational preacher Steppenwolf’s Tracy Letts. But Janice must find her own way.

With stunning performances led by Greer’s riveting portrayal of a deeply pained yet resilient mother, Eric LaRue is a penetrating psychological drama about grief, guilt, and atonement that builds to a profound and cathartic conclusion.


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Film Credits

  •   Sarah Green, Karl Hartman, Jina Panebianco
  •   Brett Neveu
  •   Mike Selemon
  •   Andrew 'Wheels' Wheeler
  •   Judy Greer, Alexander Skarsgard, Alison Pill, Paul Sparks, Tracy Letts
  •   Jonathan Mastro
  •   Byron Wetzel, Jeff Nichols, Declan Baldwin, JoJo Ryder, Meghan Schumacher, R Wesley Sierk, John D Straley
  •   Big Indie Pictures, Bracecove Productions, Caliwood Pictures