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GENRE: Religion


Gianfranco Rosi  |  Italy, France, Germany
Documentary, Political, Religion
Arabic, Kurdish  
From the Oscar-nominated director of Fire at Sea, this lyrical tour-de-force captures the peoples and places ravaged along the borders between Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Lebanon. The mournful dirges of mothers, plaintive patients enacting a play in a psychiatric hospital, the grace of female Peshmerga warriors, a lone boatman navigating waters against the backdrop of [...]

The Prophet and the Space Aliens

Yoav Shamir  |  Israel, Austria
Documentary, Religion
English, French, Japanese, Jula  

Founded in the 1970s by Frenchman Claude Vorilhon, the International Raëlian Movement is a quasi-religious cult built on the idea that aliens created the human race. In this funny and fascinating documentary, director Yoav Shamir (Checkpoint) chronicles the order’s colorful way of life, examining the complexities of belief and devotion in ways both unexpected and enlightening.

Til Kingdom Come

Maya Zinshtein  |  Israel, UK
Documentary, Political, Religion
Arabic, English, Hebrew  

This riveting exposé investigates the unlikely connection between Jews and evangelical Christians in the U.S. and Israel, uncovering a shocking alliance rooted in apocalyptic prophecy and driven in unprecedented ways by Donald Trump’s White House.