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Within a maze, a man on a ladder leans over a hedge.

After Work

  Erik Gandini

  Sweden, Italy, Norway     81 minutes


In his wry and insightful new film, Festival alum Erik Gandini (Videocracy, The Swedish Theory of Love) chronicles the past, present, and future of labor. We meet today’s workaholics — a hilarious American motivational speaker; a tragic South Korean office worker — as well as those on the opposite end of the spectrum. These include grossly underemployed young Italians and ordinary Kuwaiti citizens who receive hefty paychecks for sitting in offices doing nothing.

After Work asks big questions: When A.I. and robots take over the global workforce, what is the fate of human industry? Is the promise of universal basic income a blessing or a curse? The film offers few answers, instead using touches of humor, memorable characters, and evocative cinematic images to create an intoxicating and provocative exploration of humanity’s relationship with work, how our jobs define us, and what happens when they’re gone.

 English, Italian, Norwegian with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Jesper Kurlandsky
  •   Johan Söderberg
  •   Fredrik Wenzel
  •   Johan Söderberg
  •   Fasad Production AB


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