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A robot curiously observes a dog eating a hotdog at a food stand in bustling Central Park.

Robot Dreams

  Pablo Berger

  Spain, France     103 minutes


In this love letter to 1980s New York City, Dog lives in Manhattan. Tired of being alone, he orders and builds himself a robot companion, and their friendship blossoms. Dog and Robot become inseparable, living life to the fullest in time with the vivacious rhythms of the big, bustling city. And then one summer night, Dog, with a heavy, reluctant heart, has no choice but to abandon Robot at the beach. Will the two ever meet again?

Based on the popular graphic novel by Sara Varon, director Pablo Berger (Blancanieves) brings us a unique animated feature that follows the adventures and misfortunes of two souls, forever united. Full of charm, daydreams, deadpan comedy, and moments of subtle heartbreak, Robot Dreams is an ingeniously playful, tenderly articulated tale of friendship in all its fragility and glory.


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Film Credits

  •   Ignasi Estapé, Sandra Tapia, Ibon Cormenzana, Pablo Berger, Angel Durández
  •   Pablo Berger
  •   Fernando Franco
  •   Animators: José Luis Ágreda, Benoît Feroumont, Daniel Fernándes Casas, Patricia Andrades
  •   n/a
  •   Alfonso de Vilallonga, Yuko Harami
  •   Arcadia Motion Pictures