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A girl in a warm hooded coat leads a horse by the bridle.

The Echo El Eco

  Tatiana Huezo

  Mexico, Germany     102 minutes


In the small rural Mexican village of El Eco, a teenage girl, Montse, dutifully works alongside her family, caring for the sheep and her grandmother with the same sense of curiosity and devotion. While frost and drought punish the land, she learns the ways of life and death. As in her auspicious fiction feature Prayers for the Stolen, with this lyrical coming-of-age docu-fable acclaimed Mexican-Salvadorean filmmaker Tatiana Huezo beautifully captures both the preciousness of adolescence and the region’s unforgiving elements.

Exquisitely textured and deeply empathetic, The Echo unfolds like a dream, shifting between the sweet and the dark. In sumptuous, vivid images, Hueso observes how children’s lives in these hardscrabble towns mirror those of their parents and grandparents in a generational cycle of struggle and hope.

 Spanish with subtitles 

Screenings & Events

In-Person Screening

Thu, Oct 12 @ 7:45pm CDT

at AMC NEWCITY, Screen 4

Community Cinema Screening

Fri, Oct 13 @ 6:30pm CDT

at Harrison Park

Free admission. Advance ticket registration is not available or required.

Seating is general and on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to theater capacity.

In-Person Screening

Tue, Oct 17 @ 2:15pm CDT

at AMC NEWCITY, Screen 4


Film Credits

  •   Tatiana Huezo, Dalia Reyes
  •   Tatiana Huezo
  •   Lucrecia Gutiérrez (AMEE), Tatiana Huezo
  •   Ernesto Pardo
  •   Montserrat Hernández Hernández, Luz María Vázquez González, Sarahí Rojas Hernández, María de los Ángeles Pacheco Tapia
  •   Leonardo Heiblum, Jacobo Lieberman
  •   Maya Scherr-Willson
  •   Radiola films
  •   https://lineup.the-match-factory.digital/berlinale-23/the-echo


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