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Two women stand on a rooftop, staring out at the countryside.

Bye Bye Tiberias

  Lina Soualem

  France, Palestine, Belgium, Qatar     82 minutes


Thirty years ago, Palestinian actress Hiam Abbass (known for Succession as well as films like Lemon Tree and Paradise Now) left her village in Galilee to follow her dreams of acting in France. In this poignant portrait, both deeply personal and inescapably political, filmmaker Lina Soualem — who is also Abbas’ daughter — traces the story of her mother, her mother’s mother, and their extended family, all of whose lives have been defined by separation, exile, and displacement. Interwoven with nostalgic home video recordings and rich archival footage of Palestinian life through the decades, Bye Bye Tiberias is a moving memoir about the burden of leaving, the endurance of memory, and the determination to forge one’s own destinies and identities.

 French, Palestinian Arabic with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Jean-Marie Nizan
  •   Lina Soualem, Nadine Naous, Gladys Joujou
  •   Gladys Joujou
  •   Frida Marzouk
  •   Hiam Abbass
  •   Amine Bouhafa
  •   Be All Productions, Altitude 100 Production, Philistine Films
  •   https://lightdox.com/


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