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A blurred image of two people walking down a beach, and another person with a camera on a tripod.

in water mul-an-e-seo

  Hong Sangsoo

  South Korea     61 minutes


Formally bold and endlessly rich, veteran director Hong Sangsoo offers up his most aesthetically daring work to date with in water. A trio of friends venture to Jeju Island to make a film: Seongmo, the director and a recently retired actor, doesn’t have a script, and isn’t sure what his film should be about. Together, the three wander in search of a story, hoping the island’s rocky landscape will prove inspirational.  Walking alone, Seongmo encounters a young woman picking up trash, which gives him the creative spark he needs.

Returning to his signature themes of cinema and self-reflection, Sangsoo skews the focus of his lens to create intentionally blurred, abstracted, breathtakingly beautiful images.The result is a profound meditation on the mysteries of art, inspiration, and the enigmatic nature of the creative process.


 Korean with subtitles

A close up of a woman over a black and red backdrop.The film is preceded by The Daughters of Fire, in which a triptych of sisters sing about their suffering after the eruption of a volcano in Cape Verde. This short film by Pedro Costa represents a radical step forward in form and ambition for the singular Portuguese maestro.

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Film Credits

  •   Hong Sangsoo
  •   Hong Sangsoo
  •   Hong Sangsoo
  •   Hong Sangsoo
  •   Shin Seokho, Ha Seungguk, Kim Seungyun
  •   Hong Sangsoo
  •   Jeonwonsa Film Co.