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Short Film Showcase: The Wonderfully Weird World of Niki Lindroth von Bahr

  Niki Lindroth von Bahr

  Sweden      2010-2019    


Over the past decade sculptor and animator Niki Lindroth von Bahr has utilized stop motion animation to breathe life into anthropomorphised animal puppets. From pigeons singing in a zoo in Something to Remember to a pedantic spa manager in Bath House to the delightful rabbit and fox neighbors Tord and Tord to the existential marketplace musical The Burden, this showcase of her work conjures hilarious, bizarre, and even profoundly moving worlds where human and animal merge.

 Swedish with subtitles 

Screenings & Events

In-person Screening

Wed, Sep 25 @ 6:30pm CDT

at Chicago Cultural Center

Tickets available Monday, September 16.



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CineYouth Program

Chronically Online

  Philippines, Sweden, United States     4 shorts | 57 minutes


Can you stomach the seedy underbelly of the web? Take notes from a generation born and dying on the internet, as they confront memories of cringe, arrogance, and obsession.

Please note: Films in this program contain themes, images, and language that may not be suitable for all ages.


A group of teens in a car excitedly smile while one holds a microphone, singing a song.


Aries C. Ferrer | Philippines | Age 22

A compilation of strangers’ deleted phone videos paints a moving portrait of contemporary life.

Two men in red tank tops, one looking down at his phone, sit in a dark room in front of a phone on a tripod.

Too Much Sand

Rosso Pérez Bueno | Sweden | Age 21

As a toxic substance slowly ravages a celebrity’s body, the question left to ask is, how far would you go for the advertising money?

A young Chinese man in a traditional Chinese hat smiles as he takes a selfie with a group.

I, Chinese

Keith Leung | New York | Age 22

An influencer’s racist commodification of his culture leads to an uncomfortable confrontation– with consequences that he never saw coming.

A distorted photo of a gloved hand gving a thumbs-up in front of a patch of forest floor

Ibex rebirth

Elijah Valter | Chicago | Age 22

Through pixelated and saturated images, an entity constantly surveys the world. Before it drifts off to sleep, it imagines a novel future.

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Shorts 9: Family Friendly Animation – Better Together


  Canada, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States     75 minutes


All ages are welcome in this family-friendly program, full of colorful films that celebrate play, encourage curiosity, and emphasize the importance of communal bonds. Featuring works by Shira Avni, Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust, Guillermo Casarin, Seungbae Jeon, Christian Kaufmann, João Rodrigues, Afnan Bawyan, Adriel Meka, and Mitra Shahidi.

Two One Two (Canada) offers a poetic and deeply personal glimpse into motherhood in the form of a gorgeous, glimmering two-headed monster. A gassy fish allies with other sea creatures to fend off a hungry seagull in the hilarious and melodious underwater tale POND (Switzerland). A girl connects with her Mayan heritage on a camping trip with her father that turns into an exciting adventure in Balam (Mexico, U.S.). Peek into the inner lives of batteries with the oddball charmer Battery Mommy (South Korea). After a tiger escapes from the zoo, a bored subway worker gets the surprise of a lifetime in Town Hall Square (Germany). A curious girl gets sucked into the bizarre and magical world of the book she is reading in Ana Morphose (Portugal). A woman attempts to overcome language barriers by preparing a cultural dish that takes on a life of its own in Saleeg (Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Sweden). A friendly boy makes an unexpected connection when he attends a mysterious summer camp in Camp Kona (U.S.). In Starling (U.S.), a couple is visited by their child in her new spiritual form for a beautiful meditation on grief and eternal love.

 Arabic, English, Korean, Mayan, Spanish, Tigrinya, Urdu with subtitles

Screenings & Events

Virtual Screening

This program will be available to stream from October 16 at 12:00pm CT to October 22 at 11:59pm CDT.


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A couple sits side-by-side on a blue couch.

The Hypnosis Hypnosen

  Ernst de Geer

  Sweden, Norway, France     98 minutes


This incisive, quick-witted, and cringe-inducing satire opens with André and Vera on the cusp of a business breakthrough. Invited to pitch their app concept at an international workshop for young entrepreneurs, the Swedish duo begins to feverishly prepare. Then, days before the event, Vera books a session with a hypnotherapist in hopes that it will help her quit smoking. Now, she’s suddenly cigarette-free and has a new outlook on life — one that is completely free of social inhibitions. As their big moment approaches, André begins to worry.

This delightfully awkward sendup of modern entrepreneurial culture is an ironic, open-hearted look at what it means to be your authentic self in the face of societal expectations.

 English, Norwegian, Swedish with subtitles

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Film Credits

  •   Mimmi Spång
  •   Mads Stegger, Ernst De Geer
  •   Robert Krantz
  •   Jonathan Bjerstedt
  •   Asta Kamma August, Herbert Nordrum, Andrea Edwards, David Fukamachi Regnfors, Moa Niklasson, Simon Rajala, Aviva Wrede, Alexandra Zetterberg Ehn, Kristina Braden Whitaker, Karin de Frumerie, Julien Combes
  •   Peder Kjellsby
  •   Garagefilm International AB, Film I Väst AB, Mer Film AS, Totem Atelier


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A close up of actor Mads Mikkelsen.

The Promised Land Bastarden

  Nikolaj Arcel

  Denmark, Germany, Sweden     127 minutes


In 18th-century Denmark, Ludvig Kahlen (played by a rugged, windswept Mads Mikkelsen) lives with purpose and determination. After retiring from the army, he hopes to curry favor with the Danish king by embarking on a quest to settle and cultivate the unforgiving Jutland. All previous attempts to tame the heath have ended in utter failure, and the soil is thought to be hostile to crops.The harsh natural conditions aren’t the only thing standing in Ludwig’s way, however, and he soon begins to butt heads with a local landowner who worries that the settlers’ successful  harvest will diminish his own power and influence.

Majestic landscape photography is punctuated with bursts of thrilling action as The Promised Land’s characters careen towards bloody confrontation.

 Danish with subtitles

Screenings & Events


Film Credits

  •   Louise Vesth
  •   Anders Thomas Jensen, Nikolaj Arcel
  •   Oliviér Bugge Coutté
  •   Rasmus Videbæk
  •   Mads Mikkelsen, Amanda Collin, Gustav Lindh, Kristine Kujath Thorp, Simon Bennebjerg
  •   Zentropa Entertainment