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CineYouth 2024 Festival Programming

See the next generation of filmmakers. CineYouth 2024 presents 66 short films across 10 programming blocks featuring everything from uproarious comedies to other-worldy animated shorts to highlights from the Chicago region. Plus, CineYouth features two workshops focused on accessibility tools and good collaborative practices, live filmmaker Q&As, and more! Tickets and all events are free and open to the public.

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Streaming globally: April 22 – 28

CineYouth selections were available to stream globally on the Chicago International Film Festival streaming platform from Monday, April 22 at 12:00pm CT until Sunday, April 28 at 11:59pm CT.

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In-Person Screenings & Events: April 19-21

All in-person screenings, workshops, and events took place at Facets, a Chicago-based nonprofit that connects people to independent ideas through transformative cinema.

1517 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL, 60614
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Learn about accessibility options at FACETS…

Now Streaming

Two young people stand next to each other and stare up at the sky.

Short Film Program

Chicago Lens

10 shorts | 68 minutes

Watch the city breathe life into the stories of ten local young filmmakers. From documentaries to music videos, this program represents the city’s long-term love affair with art and culture.*

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A young Irish boy is holding a dead rat against a lush green environment in Ireland

Short Film Program

Friday Night Frights

5 shorts | 60 minutes

An array of frights await in this assortment of horror films. These shorts from around the world tap into our most primal fears and darkest secrets in unique, uncanny, and inventive ways. *

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Two girls dressed in pirate costumes hold a treasure map, smiling at each other.

Short Film Program

Imagination Adventure: Family Friendly

8 shorts | 49 minutes

The journey of growing up is an adventure filled with boundless possibilities and endless imagination. Eight young filmmakers from diverse backgrounds showcase their incredible talent and creativity in this all-ages program, transforming the screen into a vibrant cinematic playground.

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Three teenaged friends sit next to each other. One girl stares at another, unbeknownst to them.

Short Film Program

Odysseys: Drama

5 shorts | 63 minutes

Follow along on the eclectic journeys of vibrant characters as they face the trials and tribulations of their lives. Travel back to 1940’s France, race alongside a fugitive teen, or come of age with a crew of misfit girls in this selection of bold and inventive works by the next generation of narrative storytellers.*

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A harnessed camel with no rider stands in the sand in front of a group of people conversing under an umbrella.

Short Film Program

Frames of Reference: Documentary

5 shorts | 53 minutes

These six incredible shorts function as a window into diverse forms of the human experience, highlighting courageous expressions of identity, examples of uplifting community, and insightful responses to common misconceptions.*

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An animated character's heart beats aggressively as she lounges on a live action counter top riddled with records and CD's.

Short Film Program

Thinking Funny: Comedy

6 shorts | 62 minutes

Navigating life and tragedy, these hilarious stories showcase characters in absurdist situations of all kinds. Thrown into the trenches of the human experience, our characters rise victorious holding the holy grail of humor in their hands.*

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A group of teens in a car excitedly smile while one holds a microphone, singing a song.

Short Film Program

Chronically Online

4 shorts | 57 minutes

Can you stomach the seedy underbelly of the web? Take notes from a generation born and dying on the internet, as they confront memories of cringe, arrogance, and obsession.*

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A hand-drawn robot boy stares, eye-twitching, body glitching, surrounded by pink-purple colour pencil strokes.

Short Film Program

Pen, Pencil, Pixel: Animation

11 shorts | 47 minutes

Across these eleven shorts, you’ll find no single genre, theme, or medium, but you will find fantastical worlds, disarming emotional honesty, and vibrant displays of creativity. Whether drawn by hand, sculpted with clay, or animated digitally, these inventive shorts are sure to entertain and inspire.

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A crossfade centers a hand squeezing a jacket pocket within the lens of a camera.

Short Film Program

Time and Texture: Experimental

7 shorts | 61 minutes

Some rules are made to be broken. Singular and diverse experiences of identity, sensation, isolation, and time are translated into stunning images and sound. The resulting seven films play like something of a dream, capturing the feeling of being alive as only cinema can.*

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A man in old-timey clothes stands with a cardboard box in his hands under the awning of a house.

Short Film Program

Odd, Very Odd

5 shorts | 45 minutes

Expect the unexpected in these colorful, wildly offbeat shorts. In this utterly unique showcase, a cast of eccentric characters (both on camera and behind it) will dash every expectation of tone, performance, and good taste– and you’ll be all the better for it.*

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*Films in this program contain themes or language that may not be suitable for all ages.

Past Events


Access Granted: Creativity and Tools for Inclusive Filmmaking

Saturday, April 20 @ 11:30am

Learn how to incorporate accessibility tools into your workflow from pre-production to post, allowing for broader engagement with your work. Discover different methods to create audio descriptions and get an early look at a new AI-powered tool for creating captions in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Special Event

CineYouth Mixer

Saturday, April 20 @ 6:00pm
1 hour

Meet and mingle with the CineYouth community. Everyone is welcome to socialize, snack, and learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro’s latest features. Refreshments will be served.

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Creative Leadership: Taking Care of Collaborators

Sunday, April 21 @ 11:30am

From preparing for physical contact between actors, to establishing good vibes on set, to communicating clearly about roles and compensation, this discussion will start you thinking about how to be a creative leader people are always excited to work with.

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In-Person Screening & Event Schedule

Friday, April 21


Closing Night: Chicagoland (encore)

Sunday, April 23 @ 7:00pm
7 shorts | 63 minutes

The exhilarating work of Chicago’s next generation of filmmakers is showcased in this eclectic collection that celebrates the vast array of creative expressions emerging from our city.* With open captioned films and a live captioner.

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Virtual Screening

CineYouth Selections: Captions Available

10 shorts | 107 minutes

As part of our ongoing accessibility initiative, we are proud to present this selection of CineYouth films with captions available.

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CineYouth Awards Ceremony

Sunday, April 23 @ 5:30pm
60 minutes

Celebrate the winners from this year’s CineYouth Festival at the Awards Ceremony. Categories include Animation, Chicago, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, International, Rising Star, and Social Impact awards.

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