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CineYouth Program

Imagination Adventure: Family Friendly

  Canada, Mexico, United States     8 shorts | 49 minutes


The journey of growing up is an adventure filled with boundless possibilities and endless imagination. Eight young filmmakers from diverse backgrounds showcase their incredible talent and creativity in this all-ages program, transforming the screen into a vibrant cinematic playground.


A hand writing with crayons overlaps a child and a smiling young adult both wearing cowboy hats embracing each other.

Baby Boot (Botitas)

Lorence | Mexico | Age 21

In order to protect her favorite baby boots, Valery embarks on a playful “Baby Boots Battle” with her school.

A black and white image shows a man in a suit wearing sunglasses, sitting on a bench in the park, smiling.

Be Mine, Mime

Mathew Sharifi | California | Age 20

In a world devoid of color, sound, and hope, a mime and a young man fall in love, bringing vibrancy to each other’s lives.

A room filled with the ocean, where a young boy swims among seaweed, turtles, and fish.


Neo Sky James | South Carolina | Age 18

As a boy explores the ocean in his dream, his joy fades when he uncovers human-induced perils beneath the once-clear waters, sparking his determination to take action.

A young boy and a man walk along a path carrying paint cans and brushes, with trees and tall buildings in the background.


Simon Finkel | Highland Park, Illinois | Age 17

As a painter who awakens colors in the grayscale world, a young boy, on his first day of work with his father, seems to have unconventional ideas.

A teenage girl wearing a green hoodie sits at a table, resting her chin on her hand, smiling thoughtfully.

The Spelling Bee

Katherine Ramirez | Chicago | Age 16

Preparing for the spelling bee, high schooler Barry stumbles upon a lucky winning clue.

Two girls dressed in pirate costumes hold a treasure map, smiling at each other.


Yanely Castellanos | Chicago | Age 19

After discovering a mysterious map, two lively sisters embark on a magical treasure hunt and discover a reward better than gold at the end of the path.

A little girl wearing a pilot hat holds a paper airplane, looking at the front and smiling.


Nathan Rivers | Canada | Age 19

Obsessed with launching paper airplanes, Milly’s playtime ignites conflict between mother and daughter.

A young girl lies on the grass, mouth agape and eyes wide with fear.

Broccoli Chase

Carter D. James | Chicago | Age 11

A little girl dreams of fleeing and dodging the dreaded broccoli.


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