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A man stands in the center of a darkened studio set with bright lights shining down on him as an audience watches.

Late Night With the Devil

  Colin Cairnes, Cameron Cairnes

  United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia     87 minutes


Jack Delroy, a fictional ’70s talk show host played by rising horror star (and Chicago native) David Dastmalchian (The Suicide Squad, Oppenheimer), is in trouble. Jack and his show Night Owls were once the biggest names in late night. But now, with his personal life marred by tragedy and his ratings in free fall, he’s struggling to keep up. So Jack and his producers cook up a controversial plan for their 1977 Halloween special: A live possession, as performed by parapsychologist Dr. June Ross-Mitchell (Laura Gordon) and 13-year-old Lilly (Ingrid Torelli), the sole survivor of a Satanic mass suicide. What could possibly go wrong?

Told in a found-footage style that purports to cobble together rediscovered master tapes with dailies from a French documentary crew, Late Night with the Devil harnesses the anything-goes excitement of live television and combines it with the sinister aura of ’70s exorcism movies to unleash a demon into the airwaves.



headshot: David DastmalchianActor Spotlight

We chatted with actor David Dastmalchian about Late Night With the Devil, making indie projects, his roots as a Chicago-based actor, and more.

Read the interview…

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Film Credits

  •   Derek Dauchy, Mat Govini, Steven Schneider, Roy Lee, Adam White, John Molloy
  •   Colin Cairnes, Cameron Cairnes
  •   Colin Cairnes, Cameron Cairnes
  •   Matthew Temple
  •   David Dastmalchian, Ian Bliss, Ingrid Torelli, Fayssal Bazzi, Rhys Auteri
  •   Glenn Richards
  •   Ben Ross, Rami Yasin, David Dastmalchian, Joel Anderson, Julie Ryan
  •   Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Spooky Pictures


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