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Banner: the 57th Chicago International Film Festival Horror

All Jacked Up and Full of Worms

Alex Phillips  |   United States
Comedy, Horror

After a disturbed recluse scores hallucinogenic earthworms, he embarks on a psychedelic journey of self-discovery with a sex worker and a hotel maintenance man as his companions.



Michelle Garza Cervera  |   Mexico, Peru
Family Affairs, Horror, Women Centered

Believing she has been cursed by a sinister entity, a pregnant woman must embrace dark magic to combat the malicious spirit in this chilling exploration of the anxieties of early motherhood.



John Hyams  |   United States
Action, Horror, Thriller

In this homage to classic slasher films reimagined for the pandemic era, college friends Parker and Miri quarantine at a remote lake house, only to discover they are not entirely alone.


A Wounded Fawn

Travis Stevens  |   United States
Horror, Sex and Sexuality, Thriller

When murderous Bruce invites fellow art aficionado Meredith to his house, the evening spirals into a surreal, bloody fantasia inspired by the Greek myth of the Furies.