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Careless Crime Jenayat-e bi deghat

  Shahram Mokri

  Iran 134 minutes

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With director Shahram Mokri


A group of four men in modern-day Iran plot to burn down a movie theater, an act that replicates a historical tragedy that occurred 40 years prior, as society was teetering on revolution. The cinema in their crosshairs is premiering a film about an unexploded missile—a crowd gathers outside the theater in anticipation. Past and present, fact and fiction merge as the world begins to bend toward surreality. Featuring accomplished performances from a stellar ensemble cast and deftly juggling seemingly disparate narrative threads, Careless Crime pieces together a bracing reflection on cinema and its significance in Iranian life.

“Time doesn’t just shift in Shahram Mokri’s Iranian drama about a fire at a cinema that killed 478, it also folds like origami and pirouettes, the past and present so close as they dance they can feel each other’s breath.”
-Eye for Film UK

 Persian with subtitles 


Shorts 5: The Life of the Mind (Drama)


  Greece, Iran, Israel, Laos, United Arab Emirates, United States, Vietnam 90 minutes


Deeply-felt characters and stirring performances are featured in this program of films that reckon with humanity, history, and time. An eclectic mix of styles and subjects is united by their expertly-rendered observations about lives past and present. Featuring works by Baran Sarmad, Omer Sterenberg, Kathy Esquenazi Mitrani, Phạm Ngọc Lân, Nawaf Al Janahi, and Thelyia Petraki.

In Spotted Yellow (Iran), a young girl with a yellow spot on her face begins to understand what it means to be a giraffe. A solider surveilling a gay Palestinian couple begins to question everything in Listening In (Israel). Buzzkill (U.S.) follows an adolescent girl as she desperately tries to fit in with a group of South Florida teenagers. In The Unseen River (Vietnam/Laos), an old woman visits an ex-lover while a sleepless young boy seeks the advice of a monk—a dreamy document of the rhythms of the Mekong. An abandoned old man drifts Somewhere in Time (United Arab Emirates) as he battles death with a beautiful memory. Bella (Greece) is a striking and emotional blend of fiction and documentary that chronicles a woman and world in flux at the end of the Cold War.

 Arabic, English, Greek, Persian, Vietnamese with subtitles 


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“Spotted Yellow” [Short Film] Zarde khaldar

  Baran Sarmad

  Iran 12 minutes

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This film is available as part of Shorts 5: The Life of the Mind (Drama)


A young girl with a yellow spot on her face begins to understand what it means to be a giraffe.

 Persian with subtitles 


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Persepolis traces a young girl’s growth from child to rebellious, punk-loving teenager against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution.

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