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Explore all of the films that this year’s festival has to offer, from thrilling dramas to outrageous comedies. Use the filter controls to find just the films you’re looking for, screening exactly the way you want to experience them.

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Carla Simón  |   Spain, Italy
Catalan, Spanish  
Coming of Age, Drama, Family Affairs

In this absorbing family drama, a close-knit clan is plunged into crisis when the land they have farmed for decades is sold to developers.


The Beasts (As bestas)

Rodrigo Sorogoyen  |   Spain, France
French, Galician, Spanish  
Drama, Thriller

In this gripping, primal thriller, a French couple living in rural Spain becomes embroiled in an escalating conflict with the local community that reaches a point of no return.


La Maternal

Pilar Palomero  |   Spain, France
Coming of Age, Family Affairs, Women Centered

A headstrong pregnant 14-year-old is sent to live at La Maternal, a support home for young mothers, where she must quickly learn how to be a parent.


Pacifiction (Tourment sur les îles)

Albert Serra  |   France, Spain, Germany, Portugal
Historical, Mystery, Political

De Roller, France’s top man in post-colonial Tahiti, grows paranoid as rumors of military tests begin circulating throughout the island in this mesmerizing, elliptical vision of declining colonial enterprise and imperialist corruption.


The Substitute (El suplente)

Diego Lerman  |   Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Spain, France
Drama, Social Commentary

Learning that a local drug cartel threatens one of his promising young pupils, a Buenos Aires educator must decide how far he will go to protect the boy’s life in this tense and timely drama.