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CineYouth Program

Living Your Truth

 5 shorts | 44 minutes

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Virtual Screening

Available to stream globally April 25 @ 12:00pm CT through May 1 @ 11:59pm CT for a 72-hour watch window.


In the face of society’s confining norms, the individuals in these films persevere and celebrate their queerness, gender fluidity, and identities.


Counter Conformity

Isabella Chiappini | Florida | Age 18

Diving deep into fluidity and the relationship between gender and clothing, this documentary celebrates different ways of expressing your true self and identity.


Joseph Aguilar | California | Age 15

Forced to choose between being with the girl she loves and living by her father’s rules, a young high schooler seeks to carve her own path.

One Lift at a Time

Flo Singer, Ben Dame | California | Age 21

Navigating the challenges and gender politics of professional weightlifiting, a young transgender athlete shares an intimate look at their accomplishments and obstacles they’ve overcome.


Johanna Halbartschlager | Austria | Age 17

Without dialogue, this short skillfully illustrates the difficulties and complexity of contemporary interpersonal relationships as it depicts the daily lives of three individuals and their attempts to fit in.


Natalie Jasmine Harris | Maryland | Age 22

On the eve of her cotillion ball, Celeste, a seventeen-year-old closeted poet, experiences an unexpected new love that shifts her role in the traditional rite of passage.

Please note: This film will only appear at the in-person screening and will not be part of the streaming presentation.