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An overhead view of a woman sitting cross-legged on a bench in a backyard. Her palms lay on her knees facing up.

Africans With Mainframes [short film]

  Kima Hibbert

  United States     15 minutes


This mockumentary follows LaJoye Watkins, a reclusive Brooklyn woman with an unwavering determination to unearth a hidden truth that challenges conventional music history: that electronic music owes its roots to the ingenious innovation of black Southerners during the 1920s. Within the walls of her modest apartment, she harbors a treasure trove of forgotten records and fragmented memories. LaJoye’s historical tour de force explores themes of loneliness, revenge, and reclamation, taking us on a journey toward spiritual awakening.

This film screens as part of the Shorts 7: Black Perspectives – Resonance program.