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Genre: Noir

Two women relax by a body of water in reclined chairs, shaded by a tree.

Foremost by Night (Sobre todo de noche)

Víctor Iriarte  |   Spain, Portugal, France
Crime, Drama, Noir, Women Centered

Two mothers and a son, separated across space and time, come together and put a clever plot into motion in this unique contemporary noir.

The black and white image of a man in glasses leans against his vintage car.


Ivan Sen  |   Australia
Crime, Drama, Noir, Western

A white detective investigates the twenty-year-old cold case of a murdered Indigenous girl in this outback-set noir.

A man watches in front of him as a light shines from the projector beside him.

Only the River Flows (He Bian De Cuo Wu)

Wei Shujun  |   China
Drama, Mystery, Noir, Thriller

A body washes up in a river in rural China. A hasty arrest is made, but the mystery lingers in the police chief’s mind. What kind of darkness is truly at play here?

Black and white image of men at table, cigarette smoke curling around them. An older man stands behind the table, watching.

The Universal Theory (Die Theorie Von Allem)

Timm Kröger  |   Germany, Austria, Switzerland
French, German, Swiss-German  
Environmental, Historical, Noir, Thriller

1962. A PhD student investigates a dark secret in the Swiss Alps after a scientist goes missing and bizarre cloud formations appear in the sky.