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CineYouth Program


 7 shorts | 48 minutes

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Virtual Screening

Available to stream globally April 24 @ 12:00pm CT through April 30 @ 11:59pm CT for a 72-hour watch window.


These emotionally resonant stories explore the complexities of the concept of home, feeling out of place, and the true meaning of belonging.


Dreams of Home

Justin Kaminuma | Massachusetts | Age 22

A vibrant experimental expression of a boy searching for a home that seems to exist only in his mind.

Oasis: The Projection of Your Own Identity

Amiko Muscat | California | Age 14

Jessica Recinos, a choreographer based in San Francisco, explores her Salvadoran-American identity and culture through dance.


Anna Phuong Nguyen, Winston Liu, Lilian Yu Wen Cao | Australia | Age 21

An animated snapshot of life in the Cabramatta and Canley Vale suburbs of Australia, capturing close communal ties, gossiping aunties, and meaningful memories.


Larissa Salazar | California | Age 21

Salvadoran immigrant Carla struggles to navigate her rocky relationship with a Texas gubernatorial candidate.

in the whiteness

Niya Abdullahi | Canada | Age 22

Through poetry and movement, a Harari woman navigates displacement from home and reconnects with her ancestral roots.

A Trip to the Moon

Julian Barahona | California | Age 17

Faced with financial challenges, a single mother takes her young son to the moon using the magic and awe of storytelling.


Esther Yun Kong | New York | Age 20

Through video calls between a transnational family, this creative experimental documentary explores the complexity of emotions experienced in the digitization of long-distant connections.