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CineYouth Program

It’s Personal

 6 shorts | 63 minutes

Screenings & Events

Virtual Screening

Available to stream globally April 24 @ 12:00pm CT through April 30 @ 11:59pm CT for a 72-hour watch window.


Tender and nuanced, these intimate films reflect on questions of self-discovery, mental health, growth, and healing–along the journey to connecting with one’s true self.


Bodies in motion

Elia Biondi | Norway | Age 20

Over the course of one evening, a close group of friends explores personal boundaries, the meaning of love, and their own identities as they wander around town in search of their place in the world.

Let Her Eat Cake

Amanda Gordon | New York/New Jersey | Age 22

In an effort to please her overbearing mother, a 13-year-old gymnast feels pressured to lose five pounds in one night.


Ian Dani Kim | New Jersey | Age 15

A teenager’s bedroom becomes both sanctuary and prison as he struggles with depression, social anxiety, and the isolation that comes along with them.

Up on the Roof

Timmy Thompson | Michigan | Age 22

As two men share an intimate moment at a deserted rooftop pool, one must learn to overcome his fear of opening up – but something is amiss.


Irène-Kimberley Valin-Awashish | Canada | Age 21

Courageous and hopeful, this documentary essay explores coming of age and the power of the unconscious.

As You Are

Daisy Friedman | New York | Age 19

An interabled couple’s first night together leads them to confront complex relationships with desire, bodily autonomy, and what it means to truly love another person.