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CineYouth Program

Humor Me

 6 shorts | 47 minutes

Screenings & Events

Virtual Screening

Available to stream globally April 24 @ 12:00pm CT through April 30 @ 11:59pm CT for a 72-hour watch window.


Come experience the joys and absurdities of the world with these lighthearted knee-slappers–sure to make you laugh and delight in their quirky comedic sensibilities!


Poultry Panic

Matias Nygaard Christensen | Denmark | Age 20

Having promised to bring home a duck for dinner, a man must get creative in order to catch one in the wild.

Fork and Batter Get Worser

Lindsay Wolverton | Ohio | Age 21

As the grand opening of their shop nears, two bakers anticipate the taste of their first sale.


Aria Gazor | Iran | Age 21

After an unfair evaluation of a classmate’s film, two students decide to get even with the principal by making a movie exposing the injustice.

Picture Day

Wendy Medrano | Georgia | Age 18

An animated first-person retelling of the worst day ever, when picture day coincided with the onset of puberty.


Sam Friedman | Evanston/Czech Republic | Age 20

An office plant facing an existential crisis is driven to the brink.


Jackson Coates | Chicago | Age 20

After joining an elite manufacturing firm, a young intern is tasked with suppressing a serious allegation that threatens to take down the entire company.


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