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CineYouth Program

Late Night Thrills

 5 shorts | 62 minutes

Screenings & Events

Virtual Screening

Available to stream globally April 25 @ 12:00pm CT through May 1 @ 11:59pm CT for a 72-hour watch window.


Strap yourselves in for a hair-raising evening featuring a smorgasbord of darkly comic surprises, sinister thrills, and shocking twists!

Please note: Films in this program contain themes or language that may not be suitable for all ages.


Wolf in Dude’s Clothing

Solmund MacPherson | Canada | Age 22

A starving wolf finds a suit of human skin, crawls inside, and becomes a man. This biting, absurdist satire of society’s corporate wolves offers continual surprises.

The Oubliette

Max Hendrickson | Ireland | Age 16

After moving into a small apartment in a big seaside city, a man notices strange and mysterious occurrences in this hauntingly elusive monochromatic animation.


Tiffany Lin | California | Age 22

In the summer before they leave for college, two lifelong friends come across a unique business opportunity: illegally harvesting and selling succulents from the California coast.

Hex & Rage

Sasha Lebedeva | California | Age 22

Two stoner witches avenge their friend by hexing the man who assaulted her, using their powers to do good even if the consequences are irreversible.


Geena Marie Hernandez | Florida/Georgia | Age 22

A girly, cotton-candy colored slumber party unravels out of control when a shy teen becomes the center of her friends’ bizarre nighttime ritual.