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CineYouth Program

Project a World: Experimental

 10 shorts | 45 minutes

Screenings & Events

Virtual Screening

Available to stream globally April 25 @ 12:00pm CT through May 1 @ 11:59pm CT for a 72-hour watch window.


Claymation, digital collage, 16mm photography, and triptych displays are but a few of the formal devices out to use in these exciting explorations of our evolving world.


In Search of Mount Analogue

Leonardo Pirondi | California | Age 21

Using 16mm film to capture computer-generated images, the filmmaker brings to life the imagined, metaphorical, and mysterious island from the 1952 surrealist novel Mount Analogue.

Vodník Many Years After the Rainstorm

Emma Penaz Eisner | California | Age 19

Many years after his hideous crimes, the fiendish water creature Vodník from Czech folklore surfaces in San Francisco to recount his beguiling tale.


Tanya Bittar Massally | United Kingdom | Age 19

Through spoken word poetry and associative imagery, this piece powerfully embraces the nature of what it means to be of BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) background.

You are not far, for you are everywhere

Cole Greenberg | Nevada | Age 20

A diary film odyssey that captures the thoughts, feelings, experiences, and environments of Las Vegas during the early days of the pandemic.

Letting the light in

Viktor Gelbek, Leanne Butter, Malu de Kruijk, Liza Chernik, Panayiota Georgakopoulou | Greece | Age 17-20

The stresses of daily life are illustrated through rapid fire camera movement and a chaotic urban sound design, eventually giving way to the peaceful quietude of the natural world.


Céline Ufenast | United Kingdom | Age 22

Our love-hate relationship with Instagram and photo-editing mania are personified through digital voices in this unusual and invigorating collage animation.

Please note: This film will only appear at the in-person screening and will not be part of the streaming presentation.


Nolan Barry | Chicago | Age 21

A sole figure, who populates a planet of just one, seeks comfort in their contemplation of death and the life that precedes it in this ethereal stop motion animation.


Minerva Navasca | Canada | Age 19

Juxtaposing an outdated American informational film on dinner etiquette with the traditional Filipino way of eating, this work deftly confronts the idea of “correct” table manners.

St Clair W

Emily Ryder | Canada | Age 22

A fleeting and tender exploration of love, loss, and the relationship we have with our own memories as seen through the lens of queer female relationships.

How To Make Kimchi (or How To Be Korean)

Jonathan Lee | Michigan/Vermont | Age 20

Weaving together intimate family footage, folk tales, and archives of the Korean War, the filmmaker wrestles with questions of belonging as a Korean American.