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CineYouth Program

Playtime: Animation

 10 shorts | 44 minutes

Screenings & Events

Virtual Screening

Available to stream globally April 25 @ 12:00pm CT through May 1 @ 11:59pm CT for a 72-hour watch window.


Pack your bags and load up your spaceship! You’ll want to bring the whole family along for these colorful creations from around the world.


A Stellar Vacation!

Noah Shin | Pennsylvania | Age 14

An overworked asteroid yearns to escape from the drudgery of his daily life. Little does he realize, his exciting getaway will have a global impact!

The Sick Egg

Analia Rivera | Texas | Age 14

A visibly unwell egg seeks help from a friend, who decides to try and make some soup. Things take a turn when the distracted egg accidentally bungles the recipe.

Bigfoot Took my Photo!

Sasha Espinosa | California | Age 22

Johanna unveils the star attraction of her Sasquapolis museum: photographic proof that Bigfoot is real! Things get complicated when Bigfoot himself breaks in to steal the evidence.


Students from Toon Club & Centrum Sztuki Dziecka | India/Poland | Age 10-14

A collaborative effort from students based in India and Poland, who make creative use of a regular school notebook (flipbook style) and a paper plate (animation on phonotrope).


DRF Children Animation Studio | Kyrgyzstan | Age 8-12

Framed through a series of metaphors based on a variety of zoo animals, this distinctive rotoscoped animation explores the environment, culture, and texture of Kyrgyzstan’s capital city Bishkek.


Johanna Xue | New York | Age 22

A father shows his love by cooking delicious meals, but can magic in the kitchen be the glue that makes his daughter stick around through her journey to adulthood?

Who’s Better

Hugh Laurent Durnford-Dionne | Canada | Age 20

When challenged by a snail, two fuzzy creatures participate in a series of absurd exercises in order to determine which one is truly the best. But is it a rigged contest?

Space Race

Shane Dioneda | Chicago | Age 22

Though they may be tiny, these two Astronauts aren’t afraid to dream big as they compete in an operatic race to claim the moon for themselves.

In Sight

Wendy Lu, Natalie Tran, Cindy Zhi | Australia | Age 22

Wondrous and joyfully animated, this short follows a young troublemaker and her dog as they set out on a journey up a mountain to shoot down the brightest star in the sky.

Please note: This film will only appear at the in-person screening and will not be part of the streaming presentation.

Monsters of Mine

Lana Nguyen | California | Age 22

A lonely girl uses high-tech glasses to fill her world with imaginary monster friends. When the glasses break, she comes to recognize the value of true human connection.


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