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CineYouth Program

It’s All Relative: Siblings

 48 minutes


Bonds are tested and renewed in these heartfelt stories of sibling rivalry and solidarity, revealing the ways brothers and sisters shape each other’s character.

Note: Films in this program may not be suitable for all ages.


My Brother’s Keeper

Mariah Barrera | New York | Age 18

Combining family photos and dramatic footage, the filmmaker crafts a lyrical look at her father’s experiences with brotherhood, incarceration, and the relationship between the two.


Laura Hadsund Baarstrøm | Denmark | Age 18

Fearing her neglectful parents will split them apart, teenaged Freja takes her younger brother into the woods. Insecurity over their escape settles in as she reflects on being a responsible older sister.


Chloe Caufield | Arizona | Age 20

Filmmaker Chloe Caufield creates a tender portrait of her brother, who shares his journey with autism and how it has shaped his perception and expression of self.


Jules St-Jean | Canada | Age 22

Three sisters journey to fulfill the dying wish of their father: scattering his ashes at Prince Edward Island. Together they recollect their complicated family history, a life filled with both darkness and light.


Sriram Papolu | Michigan | Age 20

Through his own tumultuous relationship and often violent power dynamic with his little brother, a young man confronts his own trauma from a generational cycle of abuse.