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CineYouth Program

Jam Session: Music

 51 minutes


Band mates and artists find their music and personal lives blend together in these visually arresting films, featuring energetic music videos to reflective dramas and absurdist comedies.

Note: Films in this program may not be suitable for all ages.


Mod Mod Teenage World

Adelaide Wilson | Chicago | Age 18

Mod teenager Julie becomes smitten with local cutie Winston and, determined to win him over, carefully follows magazine advice on “How to Get the Guy” in this lushly textured love letter to 1960’s Swinging London.

kʷənáŋət néʔ

Marius Fernandes, Anthony Fernandes | Canada | Age 14 & 16

An Indigenous youth artist transcends feelings of social isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic by connecting to community online, empowering his listeners to bond in a time of disconnection.

The Banshee

Eva Ulreich | Virginia | Age 12

Inspired by American composer Henry Cowell’s “The Banshee” from 1925, this short animated fairytale depicts the travel of The Banshee as she retrieves the soul of a dying young woman.

Spit Head

Theo Taplitz | California | Age 16

After the messy breakup of their band, John and Ophie try to make sense of their changed relationship as they reopen old wounds and revisit the underlying pain in the music they made together.

How Sad, How Lovely, How Brief

Olivia Lindsley | Chicago | Age 19

Inspired by the life of singer/songwriter Connie Converse, this experimental projection piece explores the isolation and desperation that can exist even in the most stimulating of environments.

The Artist, The Old Man and The Waiter

Gustav Bondeson | Sweden | Age 21

In the midst of a creative roadblock, a young blasé artist is enlightened in the search for her upcoming musical single when she encounters an old man and a surprisingly talented waiter.

Everything Bagel

Brendan Lee Hickey | Washington | Age 18

Following the devastating breakup and subsequent musical stagnation, a record store employee searches for a path forward as her band prepares for a show. An uproariously funny and absurd Seattle odyssey.