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CineYouth Program

A New Outlook: LGBTQ+

 43 minutes


Self-love triumphs in these six short films as the filmmakers come of age and come to understand their own identities.

Note: Films in this program may not be suitable for all ages.


Baby Steps

Kira Findling | Ohio | Age 21

Through middle school texts, webcam videos, and secret moments, a young woman comes of age online. As she grows, she grapples with gender identity and sexuality, finding a new language for herself.

Out of the Box

Casey Gurtler | Colorado | Age 17

Unwilling to conform to social norms, filmmaker Casey Gurtler turns the cameras on her own mother-daughter relationship, crafting an authentic portrait of what it means to live an unshackled life out of the box.


Connor Williams | California | Age 20

Following an encounter with a homophobic stranger, two young gay men must confront their own attitudes towards public displays of affection, revealing the complexities that often lie within queer relationships.

This is a Teenage Love Letter

Tessa Hill | Canada | Age 18

Elliptical narrative rhythms and a preoccupation with physical media create a fresh perspective on this teenage romance in which a young woman writes a letter to her past, to love, and to what the future might hold.

Tender Hearts

Lauren Jevnikar | New York | Age 22

Remembering a warm summer afternoon, a woman unearths true feelings about intimate moments spent with her partner in this emotionally vulnerable and beautiful film.

Pitoc e Icinakosian

Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé, Gerry Ottawa | Canada | Age 18 & 15

Gerry, an indigenous trans woman, and her brother paint a gentle and honest portrait of her identity and experience through the eyes of her family.