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CineYouth Program

Up Past Bedtime: Horror

 58 minutes


True crime, creature features, and descents into the darkest depths of the mind are the jumping off points for these exciting and bold genre exercises.

Note: Films in this program may not be suitable for all ages.


Taming Kara

Naishe Nyamubaya | South Africa | Age 21

Poaching rare animals for the black market, a pair of hunters find themselves in over their heads after capturing the exotic Tokoloshe, a mythic creature whose touch leaves one with a menacing curse.


Max Hendrickson | Ireland | Age 15

Deliriously deadpan, this hybrid animation follows a young man who decides to visit an abandoned house in the mountains, only to be haunted by its baneful, pagan past.


Ella McKeon | California | Age 12

This free associative dive into the mind of America’s most infamous clown paints a portrait of “Pogo” as the culmination of failed artistic impulses and dark desires.

Blue Zenith

Jacques Manjarrez, Nathan Kim | Chicago | Age 22 & 21

Sitting around a campfire, we are told the curious tale of Gregory, a young man who takes his maniacal obsession with eels to a gruesome extreme in this dark comedy horror.


Max Buttrill | Florida | Age 15

Soaked in inky dread and featuring a Lynchian sonic preoccupation with electricity, this formally bold journey into darkness follows a young investigator as she experiences strange phenomena in a recently abandoned house.

Swipe Right for Murder

Raine Bracken | Canada | Age 21

An aspiring crime writer finds her perfect match through online dating. Unfortunately, their interests are a little too closely aligned: it’s not “fictional” crime he likes to dabble in…