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CineYouth Program

Hi, Mom!

 52 minutes


These six shorts celebrate the impact that mothers have on our lives, tugging at your heartstrings with dramatic stories of family, grief, and most of all: love.

Note: Films in this program may not be suitable for all ages.


The Memory Palace

Luke Alexander Harris | California | Age 21

Returning to her childhood home for the last time, Diamond finds her repressed memories triggered by artifacts that force her to re-live a painful history with her mom.


Nikki Milan Houston | California | Age 21

As the last rays of a dying California summer shine through, young Neuma tries to mourn the death of her mother after the accidental killing of an animal.


Ariella Khan | Evanston, IL | Age 20

Sarah has the perfect dress in mind for Homecoming, but her mother insists it’s too short. With the help of some fresh roti and a comically well-meaning classmate, Sarah finds beauty in the different aspects of her life.


Simon Maria Kubiena | Austria | Age 19

After his mother has a stroke, Karner drives to bring her some essentials. With his daughter in tow, Karner finds more than he expects in his encounter with his childhood home.

Through the Looking Glass

Carolyn Carpenter | Minnesota | Age 22

Exploring her identity through technology, surveillance, water, and archival audio, Carolyn’s self portrait reveals the powerful influence of her mother over her body and mind.

No Crying at the Dinner Table

Carol Nguyen | Canada | Age 21

Using vulnerable recollections in the form of confession, filmmaker Carol Nguyen interviews her family to craft a portrait of love, grief and intergenerational trauma caused by cultural oppression.