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CineYouth Program

Speak, Memory: Documentary

 56 minutes


Memory and history inform the future in these six documentaries that consider the legacy of language, the power of collective identity, and the ripple effects of incarceration and climate change.


Inuit Languages in the 21st Century

Ulivia Uviluk | Canada | Age 22

Scouring the internet for information about Inuktitut, Ulivia considers the future of this complex, multi-dialectical language that evolves with new generations.


Matt Swing | Chicago | Age 22

A few weeks after finishing parole, Antonio Brison returns to the spot that changed his life forever. Now an actor and performer, he utilizes the skills that he uses on stage to tell his story.

The Factory of Light

Cinema en curs students from Castellet High School | Spain | Age 16

A uniquely reflective glimpse into a factory that manufactured graphite rods for cinema projectors. This enigmatic journey explores not only the factory itself but also the people who used to work there.

The Impossible Way

Grady Roderweiss-O’Brien | Chicago | Age 10

An impassioned and informative explanation from a young environmentalist on how humans contribute to climate change and the effects on our animals and planet, offering solutions in the process!


Pixie Kolesa | California | Age 21

An animated history of Elizabeth Friedländer, the first woman to design a commercial Latin typeface—a feat she accomplished working as a Jewish woman in Nazi Germany.

Uma Fruta Estranha (A Strange Fruit)

Natalie Harris | New York | Age 21

Utilizing stock footage and confrontational narration, this visual poem unearths what binds Afro-Brazilians and African-Americans across continents and shared cultural connections of their resilient ancestors.

Creciendo (Growing Up)

Nancy Nguyen | California | Age 21

On the grounds of a unique Paraguayan high school where students leave home to study farming and entrepreneurship, a portrait emerges of teenagehood and the challenges facing educators in the 21st century.



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