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CineYouth Program

You Havin’ a Laugh?: Comedy

 49 minutes


Come have a hearty chuckle with these goofy shorts where heroes are pushed to their limits in the fight to keep parrots missing and claim the last piece of pie.

Note: Films in this program may not be suitable for all ages.


No Fan of Andy

Kai Tomizawa | Oregon | Age 16

After her childhood friend becomes completely obsessed with recovering her missing bird named Andy, Rain must decide whether to help her find him or make sure he stays out of their lives.


Mone Frogg Christiansen | Norway | Age 22

The weather is perfect. The river is serene. And Even has just proposed to his girlfriend Ida. But do either of them think getting married is a good idea?

Interdimensional Pizza Pushers

Lije Morgan | New York | Age 22

Travelling through time and space delivering pizzas, Fishlips and Honeybear encounter all manner of oddballs as they try to make all the orders before their shift ends.


Miro Alleyne-McCarthy | UK | Age 15

The lone witness of a grisly brawl recounts the downward spiral that led six strange individuals to fight to the death over the greatest prize of all – a perfect slice of pie.


Sasha Lebedeva | California | Age 21

A playful narrator tries to convince herself that she is not bored during the COVID-19 isolation and that everything is okay in this comedy about the destructive nature of self-persuasion.

Happy Little Fly

Justin Fargiano | New York | Age 19

Staring down the business end of a flyswatter, a fly spirals into an existential crisis as its life flashes before its eyes in this tragicomic claymation.

A Bootless Grief

Nick Milczarczyk | Canada | Age 16

Four friends decide the best way to get revenge on an old man who stiffed them on their summer jobs: steal his fortune. But can they even trust each other?