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CineYouth Program

The Cinemas of Chicago

 93 minutes


Our city has proven once again to be fertile ground for filmmakers to find sources of creative self-expression, and these shorts are a mere sample of what the future holds for Chicago cinema.

Note: Films in this program may not be suitable for all ages.



Andres Aurelio | Chicago/Mexico | Age 21

Reflecting on his passion for gardening, a man finds the source of this infatuation in Mexico. Now living in the United States, he seeks to plant his pride from the Mexico family garden into his new one.

Love Stories

Elizabeth Myles | Chicago | Age 21

Unique love stories are touchingly explored from multiple perspectives through experimental animation of archival personal photographs, investigating what it means to love in this world.

Miniature Vacation

Samantha Ocampo | Chicago| Age 16

In this visual adaptation of her own poem, filmmaker Samantha Ocampo reveals the little local things she appreciates in her life that help her escape the day-to-day banality.

A Wolf Comes at Night

Nathan Marquez | Chicago | Age 22

An ominous presence comes from out of the darkness, terrorizing a cattle farm where a frightened grandfather and his grandchildren are trying to protect themselves and the farm.

Face Me

Ty Yamamoto | Chicago | Age 21

This provocative look into Hollywood’s history examines the use of yellowface and its continued impact on the Asian-American community by projecting media onto the faces of the younger generation.

De Sol a Sol

Shira Baron | Chicago | Age 21

On warm summer days you can find Abraham and Ricardo selling ice cream along the Chicago lakefront, but a new perspective offers a glimpse into the often harrowing experiences of ice cream men.

Stuck in the System

Ameerah Connor, Kala Dismuke, Matthew Echols, Rajuan Barnes | Chicago | Age 14-17

Students from Free Spirit Media explore the topic of racialized mass incarceration and the U.S, prison system, asking why petty crimes have caused minorities to make up the majority of inmates.


Marjorie Matamoros | Chicago | Age 19

Visiting desolate and lonely spaces around Chicago, a young woman recites a poem exploring her fears and their relationship to her own grieving process.

71 Seconds

Jazmin Bryant | Chicago | Age 20

Mirroring the final moments in the life of Treyvon Martin and imagining the 71 seconds unaccounted for in the official report of his murder, an ordinary day takes a tragic turn in an all too common way, reminding everyone that Black Lives Matter.

As We Are Planted

Anna Lee Ackermann | Chicago | Age 21

To combat the effects of food insecurity in the South Side of Chicago, Just Roots Chicago and Saint James Catholic Church unite to bring fresh produce and smiles to the local community.

Phenomenally Me

Sahrmaria Wright, Jakia Walker, Amanee Muhammad, and Iyanna Jordon | Chicago | Age 16-17

This empowering portrait of four African American teen girls from Chicago explores the way hair shapes their individuality, expresses their creativity, and builds their confidence.

Fear Frenzy

Nikki Milan Houston | Chicago | Age 21

After starting the fear-based competition game show Fear Frenzy to patch up his marriage, Tony must come to terms with how the game caters to a complacent audience only interested in watching him suffer.

Children Play With Fire

Samuel Johnson/Jakari Thompson | Chicago | Age 19-20

There’s a party going on in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood Bronzeville, and Kari asks his brother to pick something up from the store. What follows is a devastating journey through time and memory.

Dois Estágios

Lua Borges | Chicago/Brazil | Age 21

Exploring the beginning and end of a bloodline, this film delves into the personal history of the filmmaker’s family and illustrates her longing memory of Brazil.



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